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Introduction to PAX
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PAX (Program for Academic Exchange) is a student exchange program, designed to facilitate international cooperation and exchange with partner institutions of NCHU. 

This program offers incoming exchange students diverse courses in Chinese or English in the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Colleges of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Colleges of Engineering, Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Colleges of Law and Politics, Colleges of Management, Colleges of Life Sciences, and Colleges of Science. Each student will be assigned a mentor professor for consultation during his/her stay in Taiwan. Free Chinese Language Courses are provided to enhance their Chinese comprehension and cultural experience in Taiwan. NCHU also provides scholarship/benefits in the forms of tuition waiver, dormitory, and living stipends. Terms are subject to change every year, please visit here for most updated information.

We welcome students who are interested in learning more about Taiwan to join PAX and share their cultures with us!