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2012-12-18Movie Announcement : 12/19 The Pianist & 12/21 Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
2012-11-30NCHU 2012 His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Birthday Celebration for TCUS
2012-11-08Winners for 2012 TCUS Photography & Short Film Contest
2012-11-01Event Schedule: 2012 Global Voices (autumn edition)
2012-10-01Global Voices from "The Lady" and "Burma"!
2012-09-17Do you want to know better about Taiwan? Subscribe to “Taiwan What’s Up” NOW!
2012-09-16Ink and Color Arts Festival kicks off in Taichung City
2012-09-16Art and cultural events in Kaohsiung (September edition PDF document)
2012-09-162012 TCUS Orientation for Newly International Students, organized by NCKU
2012-09-15The 1st edition of the TCUS International Pioneer Training Program has been successfully held!
TCUS & Global College
2012-11-1711/23 14:00 Speech : Is the China Model Successful?
2012-11-1711/21 18:30 Documentary: When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun
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