NCHU Futsul World Cup


The organizers accept personal registration and group registration. 

If you are personal registration, they will make a team for you. 

Group registration means you make your own group and will be assigned to the same team.


Just join the cup and don’t worry !!   Come and play!!

Completely Free !
Completely Free !!
Completely Free !!!

  Time:Dec. 17th ~ Dec. 26th, 2018
  Place:Futsal court
  Registration fees: FREE!!!!
  Participants: NCHU students 
  Registration time: From now on till 7/Dec/2018  23:59

  Register here:

If you have any question, please contact the FB page:

*We will hold the opening ceremony on 17 December 6:20pm. It is welcome to invite friends and relatives to join.