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Trang Vo

Marketing Agricultural & Food Products

Anongnart Wannapokin

Environmental Biotechnology

Dan Vo Thi Hanh

Flower Arrangement

Nghi Hua Hoan

Appreciation of Painting and Picture Literature

Quoc Anh Le

Vietnamese (I)

GM Shazzad
Hossain Prince

How to Read and Present Journal Paper of Life Sciences

Poppy Wulandari Sitanggang

General Chemistry

Porn Tanapatchotikul

Postharvest Handling of Horticultural Products Practice

Tran Hiep Nguyen

Research Methods in Horticultural Science

Raveendharan Sundaram

General Physics Lab

Padmadevi Palanisaym

General Physics Lab

Chandrasekar Sivakumar

General Physics Lab

Jeevan Kumar Shrestha

International Intellectual Property and Bussiness Law

Punnaros Pisarn

Principles of Economics II

Nova Sintya Siringoringo

Advanced Analytical Chemistry

Schwann Chuwatthanakhajorn

Animal breeding

Rospita Odorlina Situmorang

Forest Management

Herta Novalina Sipayung

Crop Science

Faiyaz Ansari

Switching Circuits & Logic Design

Naickenpalayam Parthiban Pratheeb

General physics lab

Jonathan Vivas

World Food Problem

Savinee Suriyanrattakorn

Statistics (II)

Rina Se Sitindaon

Material Chemistry

Aisha Darboe Multivariate Statistics and Data Analysis
William Gomez Calculus