Students who would like to work in Taiwan or get some stipend or allowances from your lab have to apply for work permit. Only degree seeking students can apply for work permit.


l  How to apply?

The Division of Foreign Student Affairs will collect students’ documents and forward these documents to the Workforce Development Agency ( to apply for work permit for the applicants. It usually takes 7~10 working days for a work permit to be issued.


Required Documents

1.     Application form

2.     Copy of student’s ID, front and back sides.(please paste them on application form)

3.     Certificate of Enrollment of the very semester

4.  NT$100. (Collect the bill from OIA, pay it in the post office, and bring the receipt when you submit the application form)

5.     Valid copy of passport.

6.     In addition to previous 5 items, one of the following 4 documents is also necessary.  OIA’s stamp is required. Download
(1) Proof of in straitened circumstances

(2) Proof that international students is needed for school's academic unit
(3) Proof of off-campus internship

     (4) Proof of research work (graduate student)

Other Related Regulations

1.     Work permit is valid for 6 months at most.

2.     No more than 20 hours per week of working is allowed. Winter and summer vacations are excluded.

3.     The work permit will be rescinded if regulations are violated.

4.     If caught working without work permit, the visitor will be fined between NT$30,000 to NT$150,000.

5.     Each copy of document needs to be stamped as “same as original” and signed by the applicant.

6.     Please hand in your valid work permit when you are suspended by the University.

7.     For the application in Fall semester, the expiration date of work permit is March 31 of the following year. For the application in Spring semester, the expiration date is September 30 of the same year.