We are pleased to announce the start of student application for Super Short-Term Programs (Program C) to be offered by member institutions of UMAP! If you are interested in the program, please visit http://umap.org/programs/c/ before applying for further info(credits, fee, courses content of different program and so on.)

從今年(2018)四月六號開始,UMAP SSTP(Super Short Term Program,超短期課程)正式開放,若學生有興趣的話,可先在申請之前先至 http://umap.org/programs/c/ 了解各個課程的內容、時數、可獲得的學分、學費以及其他的相關費用。

如欲申請今年的SSTP課程,麻煩請各申請者 / For applying please notice following points:

至  UMAP website (http://umap.org/forstudents/) 下載報名表並以WORD檔的形式填寫並於5月2日前繳交紙本及電子檔給國際處的UMAP負責人(林小姐(Eva) eva0627@nchu.edu.tw / 04-22840206-29)。 / Please visit UMAP website (http://umap.org/forstudents/) for application form and hand your documents(hardcopy & digitalfiles) to the coordinator of OIA (Ms. Eva Lin eva0627@nchu.edu.tw / 04-22840206-29) by May 2nd.

申請表 / Application form