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“Data and Discourse Studies” – become an interdisciplinary specialist
This interdisciplinary and international Master of Arts Data and Discourse Studies teaches you how to handle and interpret data to explore and understand social and historical discourses. You will study innovative state-of-the-art methods of discourse analysis with leading scholars from history, computer science, philosophy, politics, sociology, literary studies, and linguistics. This unique interdisciplinary setting will present you with cutting edge research to further your understanding of how language, knowledge, and society work together when creating new ideologies, scientific conclusions and legislation processes.


1. Ms. Claudia Finner-Head of TU Darmstadt Asia Offices
2. Prof. Dr. Marcus Müller-German Studies – Digital Linguistics-Institute of Linguistics and Literary Studies

Event Date: October 18, 2021, 18:00-19:00
Registration: https://daad.reflact.com/e50nbtog08l9/event/registration.html

Further Information: https://daad.reflact.com/e50nbtog08l9/event/event_info.html