Presenting the Fifth Biannual Issue of NCHU ARCH Magazine





Source: Distinguished Professor Chia-Lin Chang, Vice-President for International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of the fifth issue of the NCHU ARCH in April 2023. As with the previous four publications in the series, this issue is based on our three main commitments - to ensure academic continuity, to increase international visibility, and to strengthen international exchange. These are illustrated by a selection of projects under the themes of ascending, exploring, collaborating and herculean.

In the first unit, Ascension, we introduce NCHU's most valuable natural resources - four of our forest stations. Experimental Forests represent the history of forestry education in Taiwan and showcase the achievements of internships in forestry technology research, ecological conservation and new forestry technology.

The Research section features Dr Chia-Feng Juang of NCHU's Department of Electrical Engineering, whose advanced computational intelligence techniques won an Outstanding Research Award from Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology.

The Collaboration Unit highlights NCHU's commitment to promoting Mandarin Chinese and preserving Taiwanese culture. The Chinese Language Centre (CLC) offers tailor-made summer programmes for students from NCHU's partner universities, and runs immersive summer programmes overseas for local schoolchildren.

Herculean illustrates how physical education at NCHU goes beyond teaching us how to move or play sports. It also develops our resilience, courage and tactical thinking, which can enrich our lives in many ways.

In our final unit, we present the collection of the NCHU Art Gallery, leading you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the National Chung Hsing University as illustrated in the calligraphy of Hsiao Shih-Chiung and Liang Yung-Fei. The exhibition transcends the classical aesthetic perspective and displays powerful uniqueness through artefacts.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the photographers whose contributions have helped to improve the quality of NCHU ARCH, as well as to Siuo-Ling Cheng (Julia), Yu-Chun Liao (Claire), Yu-Ying Chen (Jennifer) and Ching-Yang Shiang (Ava), who have made considerable efforts over a long period of time to help develop the fifth issue.

To reduce carbon footprint, ARCH magazine has simultaneously issued an online version for our overseas partner schools and alumni.

Full magazine can be accessed by scanning the QR code.