Other Organization - Vision Youth Action


Since its establishment in 2002, the Vision Youth Action aims at inspiring Taiwanese youth to engage in public participation, to integrate public welfare charities into their life, to pay attention to local and international issues, and to extend to public welfare charities worldwide. At the same time, they can actually put their caring into action, and become global citizens that understand multicultural values and participate in social issues.
The Vision Youth Action creates the bridge for international participation, and the platform for talent training through networking between youths, local communities, governments, and international organizations from all over the world. To assist Taiwanese young people's devotions to public affairs, the organization provides volunteer participation, public service training, public policy discussion, and career development in non-profit organizations through some government-funded programs. By hosting international workcamps, it promotes the participation of young people from Taiwan and overseas in community service, and drive the construction of different appearances for domestic and international communities. Young people may explore themselves in the international workcamps, establish relationships with people around the world, and then find the practical way of self-fulfillment.
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