[2018.10.02] NCHU’s hosting of agricultural bilateral exchange for the youth of Taiwan and US


News source: secretary office’s media public relations team

To continuously deepen the relationship between Taiwan and the agricultural centers in Midwestern United States, and to provide a platform for exchanges and interactions between Taiwan and US, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs commissioned NCHU to organize a 2018 bilateral exchange of agricultural youth between Taiwan and US. In early October, NCHU led a delegation to the United States for academical exchange. In late October, Missouri State University Springfield Campus and the Kansas Department of Agriculture organized a delegation to Taiwan for further interactions.

From October 2nd to 9th, the "Taiwan-US Agriculture Youth Exchange Program" was led by NCHU’s Huang Jingying, professor in the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, with 6 students from the College of Agricultural and Natural Recourses. They went to Missouri State University (Springfield) to exchange ideas and knowledge on topics including sustainable development, biotechnology, agricultural transformation, and food safety. The program including visits to Ozark Fall Farmfest, Journagan Ranch auctions, the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and Jefferson City to provide cultural exchanges and boarding experiences. Missouri State University (Springfield) provided for transportation, meals, and accommodation expenses in the United States, and the students paid for their air fare and insurance.

Lin, a student from the Department of Plant Pathology who participated in the activity, said that this trip not only realized his dream of visiting the United States, but the mechanization of agricultural and technology in response to the vast land area also left a lasting impression. In addition, during the event, they participated in the career introduction course provided to university freshman. They found that local students start their career planning very early, so that they can participate in relevant internships and gain working experience during the 4 years in the university. This approach is quite beneficial towards employment after graduation and is worthy of reference for Taiwanese educational institutions.


Seven students from Missouri State University and Kansas State University traveled to Taiwan from October 31st to November 2nd. During their stay in Taiwan, they were accompanied by NCHU’s International Affairs Office and the Taiwanese students that visited the United States early Octorber. In addition to visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NCHU’s College of Agricultural and Natural Recourses, they also visited the production sites of the Puli Passion Fruit, White Bamboo Shoot Farm, Huisun Forest Farm, Flower Plantation Center, Asian Vegetable Center, Taichung City Flower Expo and other places. They also experienced the production process of tea and pineapple cakes providing for a rich and interesting trip.

The American students were impressed by Taiwan's dragon fruit, and they were full of praise for the local delicacy beef noodles. As Nebraska is an inland state in the US, it was the first time for most of the student to see an ocean. It was obvious that everyone was very excited and had a good impression of Taiwan.



Through this exchange, NCHU also held talks with Missouri State University to become sister schools. NCHU has originally established based on agricultural science, and have had outstanding achievements in research, development, and application of agricultural science and technology. In recent years, it has also actively pursued international development and expanded exchanges and cooperation with outstanding universities and departments around the world. Through this exchange, it is expected to enhance the development exchanges between NCHU and cooperating schools in the United States to enhance its international visibility.