National Chung Hsing University
Scholarship Regulations for Foreign Degree-seeking Students


     Passed in the 396th executive committee meeting on November 18th, 2015



Article 1

Scholarship for foreign degree-seeking students is to help recruit outstanding students from overseas and to support foreign degree-seeking students studying at the University. Foreign degree-seeking students are those recruited based on National Chung Hsing University Foreign Students Admissions Regulations.

Article 2

The funding of the scholarship for foreign degree-seeking students is from the Top University Project and other funding from the Ministry of Education or donations for the University. The number of scholarships awarded is subject to adjustment, depending on total number of international students as well as funds available for the current academic year.

Article 3

Application Time

1.      New students: Applications will be held upon applying for admissions.

2.      Current students: February to March every academic year. The exact date is to be announced by the Office of International Affairs on the website.

Article 4


1.      New students: All degree-seeking applicants applied through admission application for international students.

2.      Current students:

                (i.)     Undergraduate students: cumulative grade points must be higher than or equal to 70.

              (ii.)     Graduate students: cumulative grade points must be higher than or equal to 80.

            (iii.)     Applicants who postpone enrollment for a semester will be evaluated on their admission application documents.

Article 5

Required Documents

1.      New students:Application documents

2.      Current students:

                (i.)     Scholarship application form.

              (ii.)     One copy of transcript (include ranking)

            (iii.)     Academic performance evaluation form filled out and signed by applicant’s advisor, instructor or department director.

            (iv.)     Other supporting materials

Article 6


1.      NCHU Scholarships are divided into two categories: monthly stipend and tuition waiver.

                (i.)     Monthly stipend: Offered NT$10,000, NT$8,000 or NT$6,000 per month per applicant.

              (ii.)     Tuition waiver: partial tuition waiver (the same amount as domestic students) or full tuition waiver. Insurance, accommodation, computer usage fee, and miscellaneous fee are not included in the tuition wavier.

2.      The applicants are able to be awarded both the monthly stipend and the tuition waiver.

Article 7

Application and Reviewing Procedure

1.          New applicants need only to choose the option in the admission application form to indicate that he/she wishes to apply for the scholarship. For current degree-seeking students, he/she needs to fill in the application form of the University and provide required documents.

2.          Applications will first be sent to the applicants’ departments for review, then the priority list of students will be sent to the respective colleges. The colleges will submit the results of approval to the National Chung Hsing University Scholarship Review Committee after evaluation. Scholarship recipients will be announced after the President’s approval.

Article 8

Payment of The Scholarships

1.          New students: The duration of scholarships is one academic year (September to July). After enrolling at the University, scholarships will be deposited into bank accounts of recipients each month. The scholarship duration for recipients enrolled in the Spring semester is from March to July of the year.

2.          Current Students: The duration of scholarships is one academic year (August to July), and scholarships will be deposited into bank accounts of recipients each month. Applications are reviewed on an annual basis.

Article 9

Principle of Scholarships

1.          Recipients cannot receive both the University scholarship and other foreign student scholarships offered by government agencies at the same time. Violators will be disqualified from receiving scholarship from the University. If scholarship recipients receive more than what is specified in the Regulations, recipients will have to return the surplus amount back to the University.

2.          Scholarship recipients will be disqualified if they receive more than NT$15,000 per month (excluding this scholarship) from other scholarships in the same duration with this scholarship.

3.          Recipients will be disqualified or be charged a penalty of a partial deduction of their scholarships if they seriously violate school regulations.

4.          Recipients will be disqualified automatically if they graduate, drop out, take a leave of absence or transfer to other academic institutions.

5.          Duration of scholarships: Scholarships will be suspended from the day recipients leave the country without prior approval. Scholarships will resume upon approval of the review committee.

Article 10

The Scholarship Review Committee is composed of the Dean of International Affairs, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Research and Development Affairs, and Deans of Colleges.

Article 11

Special Circumstances

1.          If the school has signed an agreement with foreign partner universities, then scholarships will be decided based on the agreed-upon rules.

2.          Project Scholarships will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and approved by the executive committee of the University.

3.          English Programs Scholarships: funding is based on budget and the access is limited to students of the program.

Article 12

The regulation will be put into effect once passed by the executive committee of the University. Later modifications will follow the same procedure.