Enacted in the 349th Administrative Meeting at NCHU on Jan. 6th, 2010.
In accordance with participating European Union in Taiwan (EUTW), the European Union (EU) Center at NCHU (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is established to promote EU-related cooperation and communication between NCHU and colleges in central Taiwan.
The Center, appertained to the Office of International Affairs of NCHU, is a task-force-based unit. In accordance with the EUTW budgets, activity needs and the guidelines for agreed percentage budgets, the sources of the Center’s annual budgets are those of OIA’s or Top-University’s. Funds and expenditure of the Center should abide by the relevant regulations for University-Funds. Consent from the school is required for proposal applications by following the administrative procedures.

Responsibilities of the Center:

1.To facilitate academic, cultural cooperation, communication and civil society interaction between NCHU and EU countries.

2.To advance the comprehension of EU policies to NCHU students and support EUTW's activities.

3.To promote EU academic and cultural cooperation and communication by integrating colleges, industrial & economic institutes, and NGO’s in central Taiwan.

A Director and an Executive Director (selected from NCHU faculties) are appointed by the President of NCHU for the Center. The Director and the Executive Director take charge of the official affairs. An assistant is set to help with the management of relevant issues.
After approved by the Administrative Meeting, the present Regulations and amendments are implemented on the announcement.