The Internships Application



- Contact department/professors
- Get the approval from the department/ professors
- Department/Professors need to hand in the application for student 


Required documents (Please submit the application 2 months before the start date of internship):

1. Application form (For Professors at NCHU)

    Applicationa form (For Students)

2. The certificate provided by relevant department or professors.

3. Intern Plan (including the program, duration and all relevant information)

4. The copy of passport from students (Personal information page).

5. The enrollment certificate of university (To show at the moment you are one of their students).

6. A certificate to show this internship is necessary, a part of the study schedule or a criterion for graduation from your university.

7. Proof of Insurance (It must cover students' entire internship period at NCHU; students could provide the proof after receiving permission from MOE)






Christina(Yu-Ching) Cheng 鄭渝靜

Coordinator  行政辦事員
Tel: +886 4 2284 0206

April (Mei-Ying) Li 李美瑩

Coordinator  行政辦事員
Tel: +886 4 2284 0206