Before Your Arrival to NCHU


Health Examination Policy

To meet NCHU and government requirements, all new exchange students must complete a health examination by a qualified doctor and complete all parts listed on the Health Certificate for Short-Term Students Forms (Including Proof of Positive Measles and Rubella Antibody or Measles and Rubella Vaccination Certificates and Chest X-ray for Tuberculosis Report). You would need to upload a scanned version to our system by August 14, 2020(2020 Fall Semester) and submit the original forms to the OIA on the registration day.

According to the regulation of National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, the examinations must be completed after July 01, 2020 (2020 Fall Semester). Any results done before July 01, 2020(2020 Fall Semester) are not acceptable.

If you do not upload the health certificate forms, we will contact your home universities. Moreover, we will cancel your acceptances of exchange programs



To fill out the application form online for VISA, please visit the website at HERE .

After the application form is completed and submitted online, you have to submit the printed form to the R. O. C overseas mission that you selected online within 30 days.

 Study LESS than 6 months: VISITOR VISA( maximum residency is 180 days)

【NOTE】If you stay more than 6 months, please apply Resident Visa. If you want to use Visitor Visa and change into Resident Visa in Taiwan, it would need to provide extra documents here in Taiwan.


Insurance Policy

You must purchase your own insurance before / after arriving to Taiwan. Please provide proof of insurance certificate valid for your entire exchange period. 

If you have purchased your own insurance in your own countries, the complete insurance certificate has to be written in English or Chinese and must be uploaded to the on-line system by August , 2020(2020 Fall Semester). 

If you did not upload the insurance certificate by the deadline, you will be automaticly included NCHU's insurance. You will need to pay for the insurance fees after registration and the fees will no be returned.

[NOTE] Every students need to have insurance valid for your entire exchange period. If you purchase your insurance in your own countries, you will only apply for claims at your country.