PAX Application


Nomination Deadline (Academic Year 2020-2021)

Student who apply fall semester (Sep to Jan): April 20* (of the same year)  
Student who apply spring semester (Feb to June): October 15 (of the previous year)

ONLY for Program coordinator of partner institute: Please fill in the NOMINATION FORM before deadline.
Applicant must have an official nomination from their home institution to be eligible for academic exchange program application at NCHU. 



Application Deadline (Academic Year 2020-2021)

Student who apply fall semester (Sep to Jan): April 6 - April 30* (of the same year)
Student who apply spring semester(Feb to June): October 15 - October 31 (of the previous year)

ONLY for Nominated Student:
After confirming the nomination by partner institutions, we will provide information of online application to nominated student by April 6/Ocober15. Please complete ONLINE APPLICATION at Office of International Affairs at NCHU by this deadline. 

*Due to outbreak of COVID-19, we extended the nomiation and applicaion deadline for Fall semester 2020.


Required Documents

1. Application Form

2. Official certificate of student status

3. Official academic transcripts (must be Chinese or English copy)

4. Two letters of recommendation

5. Plan of study (written in Chinese or English)

6. Autobiography (300 to 500 words, written in Chinese or English)

7. Certificate of proficiency in Chinese/English (optional)

8. Supplementary materials (optional)

【Note】Please scan your documents, we do not accept blurred documents, photographs or screenshots.



Application Procedure

Step 1
Go through the nomination process of the home institution. Partner institution needs to fill out the nomination form (online) before deadline. 

Step 2
Nominated students must upload all the required documents to online application before deadline.

Step 3
Application is reviewed and final decision is made by the University Review Committee. Results will be announced by the end of June/ mid-December.

Step 4
Official admission package will be sent to the program coordinator of the partner institutions.

Step 5
Admitted students need to confirm admission and provide arrival information online if admission is accepted.