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Areas of Study

NCHU offers courses taught in Chinese or English in the fields of Liberal Arts, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Veterinary Medicine, Management, Law and Politics, Life Sciences, and Science. 

2020-2021 Academic Programs/Departments by College (Criteria at the bottom of the page only apply to degree-seeking students, not PAX students. ) 



Academic Schedule

NCHU annual academic schedule starts from September and ends at June.

1st Semester (Fall semester)


 School Begins


 Annual Athletic Festival


 University Anniversary / Midterm Exams


 Final Exams / Winter Vacation Begins


2nd Semester (Spring semester)


Chinese New Year / School Begins


Midterm Exams


Commencement Ceremony / Final Exams / Summer Vacation Begins




2019-2020 Academic Calendar 2019 Fall

2019-2020 Academic Calendar 2020 Spring



Course Taught in English

NCHU has been dedicated to develop more English courses and programs. While courses mostly are still taught in Chinese, many academic programs have offered all-English courses. There are more than 100 English taught courses ranging from undergraduate to PhD level offered to international students. Please checkcourses at

If you would like to inquire about the updated information or the website, please contact the Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs at

If you need further information such as a detailed description about courses in a particular field, please contact the respective department directly.


English Taught Course List - 2019 Spring 

Humanities and Social Science

Science and Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Science




English Taught Course List - 2019 Fall 

Humanities and Social Science

Science and Engineering

Agricultural and Biological Science




(The information is only for reference. The courses will change every semester. )



Course Registration

Our credit transfer system is based on: 1 credit = 1 hours *18 weeks ( 1 credit ≒ 2 ECTS)

PAX students are required to register for at least 2 courses with 1 course in hosting department/institute. The students may also choose courses available in the hosting college to meet this requirement. If students wish to take courses taught in Chinese, they must show Chinese proficiency and/or get approval from the course instructor.