My College Days in NCHU x International Outlook

Activity Rewards

Encourage students to
- participate in cross-cultural activities
- expand international outlook
- improve international competitiveness

Office of International Affairs, NCHU

Implementation starts on September 1, 2019 (activities before this date cannot be retroactively logged)


Step 1: Activity Participation

After participating in activities (list of activities), take the initiative to actively invite the organizer or instructor to sign or stamp the Certificate of Participation.

  • Certificate of Participation (download form)(sample form)
    Please print, fill out the form, and present it to the organizer or instructor to sign or stamp after the activity.

Step 2: Log the Activity

Log the activity that you have participated in NCHU E-portfolio.

Step 3: Collect Points

Each category of activity is assigned different points based on the difficulty of passing that level. For example, one point is earned for participating in the "Information Session of NCHU Exchange Program", two points (list of activities) are earned for participating in "General Education Courses on International Issues", and so on. With the collection of 3, 6, 10, or 20 points (different levels of skillset), prizes can be redeemed.

Step 4: Apply to Redeem Rewards

Fill out information on the form at the Office of International Affairs and upload (1) a screenshot of the "Login Complete on the E-Portfolio System" and (2) the Certificate of Participation. After verification, the OIA will notify students to collect the reward.

How to redeem:

1. Points can be accumulated over the same academic system. When redemption of gifts from Level One is complete (points will not be deducted), the same points can be accumulated to Level Two and redeemed for gifts above Level Two.

2. The same category of activities can only be counted once. For example, participation in three sessions of "Experience Sharing of NCHU Exchange Program" can only be counted once (one point). Taking two courses taught in English only counts once (two points).

3. Different items of activity within the same category of activity such as (1) Joy in Learning Foreign Languages, (2) Information Session and Experience Sharing, (3) International Culture Day, and (4) Study Abroad Forums can be scored separately (for a total of four points).

4. Activities that are international in nature but are not listed in the events list can be registered under "Others" in the corresponding "Category of Activity". The OIA reserves the right of making the final decision of recognition.

List of recognized activities and points provided:

Category of Activity Item of Activity Content of Activity for Reference Point


Global Competence

(Video 1)

1-1 Joy in learning foreign languages Foreign Language Access Center: language and foreign language, foreign language courses, digital learning workshop, English workshop, English consulting room, etc. 1 point
1-2 International cultural activities OIA: International Culture Day, Bilateral Exchange Activity (Taiwan-USA, Taiwan-Japan, etc.), European Film Festivals, etc.
1-3 Information Session & Experience Sharing of NCHU Exchange Program OIA: Information Session of NCHU Exchange Program, Experience Sharing of NCHU Exchange Program
1-4 Study abroad forums Office of Student Affairs/
: Study abroad at various countries
1-5 Others Related cross-cultural activities on-campus (e.g., English speech)


International Courses

(video 2)

2-1 General education courses on international issues Office of Academic Affairs, such as Japanese culture, Western thinking, global food crisis, international relations 2 Points
2-2 Courses taught in English General education courses and department-specific courses taught in English (excluding the Department of Foreign Languages)
2-3 Short-term lectures delivered by foreign teachers For example, summer school at the College of Engineering and short-term lectures delivered by overseas instructors invited by the colleges/departments
2-4 Others On-campus formal courses of intercultural/foreign language teaching (with credits)


International Companions

(video 3)

3-1 Buddy Program Recruitment for buddy program organized by the OIA/IPC 3 Points
3-2 International Pioneer Club (IPC) FB fan page of the IPC
3-3 Camp Counselor for international students Camp counselor for international students organized by the OIA or various colleges
3-4 International Service Group of Agriculture The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR): International Agriculture Service Mission, an International Service Group of Agriculture
3-5 Others Jobs related to serving or welcoming and receiving international students (over 18 hours)


Short-term Programs/Volunteers

(video 4)

4-1 Overseas short-term courses The Office of International Affair's camp or courses at partner schools 4 Points

Overseas Internships
(please select "improving employability" when logging in the E-Portfolio system)

Can contact the school's Cornerstone Center at the College of Management or the Career Development Center at the Office of Student Affairs
4-3 International volunteers Organized by the OIA / the Career Development Center of the Office of Student Affairs
4-4 Others Activities or courses held overseas (must be recommended by the university to participate)


Student Exchange Program

(video 5)

5 Exchange and study at a sister university (for more than one semester) Student Exchange Program organized by the OIA 5 Points


Dual Degree System

(video 6)

6 Study at a dual degree program at a sister university and obtain two college diplomas Dual degree programs by various departments 6 Points


 Listed of expected rewards:

Accumulated Points Reward for Leveling Up
Level 0 (Freshmen Orientation)

One Momo or Gogo keychain

Level 1: 3 Points

One Momo or Gogo keychain

Level 2: 6 Points

One Momo Gogo canvas bag

Level 3: 10 Point

300 NTD Caves Book gift voucher

Level 4: 20 Points

500 NTD Family Mart gift voucher



1. Students at school can only pass a level once within an academic system. Once Level 4 is completed, points cannot be accumulated.

2. No prizes can be exchanged for cash or other products. In the event that the prize is out of stock or changed due to force majeure, this department has the right to change prizes to a product of equivalent value.

3. OIA reserves the right to modify the rules and prizes of this activity without further notice. In case of unresolved matters, OIA reserves the right to make adjustments and the right of final interpretation.



Ms. Liao, Information and Innovation Group at the OIA (04-22840206 ext. 21,