2019 NCHU International Festival


Welcome on board.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard OIA Airlines Flight 1101 to International Festival, NCHU. Our total flight time will be four hours.
To ensure your safety, we would like to remind you that do not eat too much for your breakfast and control your budget for this whole week.

In order to get closer to international students to their country, and understand about their local culture and traditional activities, we have planned a cultural experience with all international students. We are planning the activities of international and national representatives. The country represents food, music, clothing, games, experience activities. One day, felt the atmosphere of different country.

Date: November 01, 2019
Time: 11:00AM - 16:00PM
Location: NCHU Yun Ping Building, Field


11:00-16:00 【Events Starts】
International Market// Flea Market
12:10-13:00 A. Opening Show
B. Haitian Group
C. Pilipino Group
D. Master Chef Competition
13:00 Japanese Group Show
14:00 Thai Group Show
15:00 Vietnamese Group Show
16:00 Clean Up