TA-Ship Application for 2020 Spring Semester
 (NCHU International Graduate Students)

Eligibility and Requirements

NCHU international graduate students in master or doctoral programs are eligible to apply for teaching assistantship.

  • In each semester, the applicant may choose maximum three courses, including but not limited to the English-taught courses, listed in the NCHU Course Information System with minimum 20 students taking the course for credits. Application form only submit once, including three courses you choose. (First, second and third priority are in ONE submission)
  • To facilitate the application process, students are highly recommended to consult with the course instructor before submitting the application for TA assistantship.
  • Each TA can only serve as the teaching assistant for one course and get one assistantship funded by the department, institute, Office of Academic Affairs, or Office of International Affairs.
  • This program only provide 17-25 limited number of TAs. If there are more than limited applicants, OIA will evaluate the suitable candidates by supervisor meeting.
  • The student who has already been granted Taiwan Scholarship can not apply this program.
  • Each TA has to hand in the copies of ARC. (From this semester, work permit is not necessary.)
  • You can not be a student in course that you apply for TA.

TA Responsibilities

A teaching assistant (TA) assists in the instruction under the supervision of a course instructor (professor). The TA primarily assists the instructor in charge of the course by conducting discussion or laboratory sections that supplement faculty lectures. More information about responsibilities will be decided by the course instructor. However, duties typically required of all TAs are:

  • Attend all instructor-TA meetings.
  • Attend all lectures of the course they are TAing.
  • Lead one or more discussion or lab sections as agreed at the time of TA assignment.
  • Assist with grading and proctoring.
  • Hold office hours or cover Help Room.
  • Other duties as needed for each course, such as quizzes, preparation for sections, and lab demonstrations.

Performance Evaluations and Standards

  • TAs are evaluated by the course instructor and by the students they teach.
  • TAs need to submit a working diary (job record) once a week. 

Employment Information

  • NT$5,000 from March to June (Total NTD$20,000 per semester)

How to Apply

  • Apply online during January 2, 2020 - January 31, 2020.
  • The result will be announced on February 13, 2020.

OIA Contact

Ms. Elaine Li (Tel: 04-22840206 ext.27, elaineli0210@nchu.edu.tw)
Ms. Claire Liao (Tel: 04-22840206 ext.21, claireliao@nchu.edu.tw) 

Application Steps

Step1:Please download the form (TA-ship Application Form.PDF) and your personal transcript from school then print them out.

Download: TA-Ship Application Form (For Print Out) 

Step2:Please go to find your professor with these paper and your transcript, and tell the professor your intention. The course should have more than 20 students (course primary selection).

Step3:Make sure the course information is accurate (Click course system to check course number, professor name and course name).

Step4:Apply online during January 2 – January 31.
Note:Professor name should be his full name, not nickname.

Step5:You will receive an automated email after completing the online application system. The URL is at the bottom of email.

Step6:Please forward the email to me (elaineli0210@email.nchu.edu.tw) so that I can double-check the content you fill in. 

Step7:You can use the URL to check your application status.

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