Extension on Registration to June 6th
✨ 2020 International Youth Empowerment and Action Program✨


This program combines local youth and international youth in Taichung City to promote cultural exchanges and expand the global vision of youth. And the three social workers in the Taichung Juvenile Welfare Center will each lead three groups of youth. Through the social workers’s professional guidance, they will cultivate young people ’s awareness of social issues and social participation. The four major themes of " Citizen Cultural Literacy ", " Career Planning " , " Interpersonal Communication " and "Crisis Prevention" are awareness training, motivation induction and group discussion, etc. And let the youth experience the practical experience of action, gain a sense of participation and achievement from it, and let the community see and recognize the different looks and abilities of teenagers.

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🔸主辦單位/Organizer :臺中市政府社會局/ Social Affairs Bureau Taichung City Government

🔸承辦單位/Organizer :臺中市青少年福利服務中心(迎曦教育基金會承辦)/ Taichung Juvenile Welfare Center(Ying Xi Education Foundation)

🔸活動日期/Event date: 2020/06/7、2020/06/14、2020/06/21、2020/06/28 13:00 to 16:00

🔸活動地點/Location:臺中市青少年福利服務中心/ Taichung Juvenile Welfare Center(5F., No. 32, Xinguang Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412, Taiwan (R.O.C.))

🔸報名截止日 / Registration deadline : 2020/06/01


What you can gain from participating in this activity:
☑ Meet the local youth in Taiwan
☑ Hours of volunteer service
☑ Enrich your 👉 experience CV👈
☑ Earn the Best Action Award and Social Service Award by voted! And gain the "Mysterious Little Gift" 🎁
☑Recommended as the Taichung Youth Welfare Service Center-the annual youth representative!
How Wonderful! Come and join with friends!

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Applications are entertained on a first-come-first serve basis. Apply NOW !