2020 Autumn / 2021 Spring Semester Process of Drawing Lots for Dormitory Room (Original Students)


👉Students who have not obtained the dormitory bed during the stage of drawing lots can apply for being on the waiting list since 9:00 a.m. on May 13th.

👉Once confirming the dormitory bed (2020 Autumn/ 2021 Spring Semester), related accommodation expenses will be included in the tuition fees bill. Students
having acquired the dormitory bed and want to withdraw the dormitory should go to the male/female dormitory service center to conduct the procedure to avoid
related accommodation expenses. (The deadline of withdrawing will be announced separately.)

👉When confirming the dormitory bed online, please do not close the page until you see the “confirmation of the dormitory” to avoid the procedure uncompleted. We
suggest that students log in the system again to confirm the status.