Pre-approval Form for International Graduate Students 


  1. Applicant eligibilty: Must be applied by NCHU full-time professors (at least assistant professor) and print it out.
  2. Process: NCHU professors apply online, print it out, sign by referee and chariman, and submit it to Office of International Affairs, NCHU.
  3. Pre-approval items: (1) admission (2) (NCHU Scholarship) Full tuition waiver for the first academic year (3)Financial support from the referee.
  4. Application date: 15th March (for fall semester) or 1st October (for spring semester).
  5. The nominated students will still have to apply online and submit all the required document (NCHU Admission Application for Foreign Students) while the system is open (1st Feb.~31st March for fall semester; 9th Sept.~5th Oct. for sping semester) (Please refer to  Application Procedure and Time table)


  Application link 
System Open at: Fall Semester: 1/1~3/15, Spring Semester:8/15~10/1