[Current Students] ☆★2020-2021 NCHU Scholarship Application for Current International Degree-seeking Students Starts NOW☆★


Application Period: February 1st, 2020 ─ March 31st, 2020

 Online Application System: link

Required documents:

  1. Scholarship application form(online)
  2. One copy of official transcript (cumulative grade points, include ranking)

a minimum cumulative grade points for undergraduate students: 70

a minimum cumulative grade points for graduate students: 80

  1. Online academic performance evaluation form filled out and signed by the applicant’s advisor, instructor or department director

      You are required to provide a valid email address of a professor at Step 2.

  1. Other supporting materials

Applicants who enrolled in the Spring semester will be evaluated on their admission application documents


The Scholarship Regulations: 

Chinese Version: link

English Version: link


 Online application only. No paper or overdue application will be accepted. 

For those who do not submit the application before March 31st, 2020 via the system will be regarded that you spontaneously give up applying for NCHU Scholarship.