Frequently Asked Questions


1.  What are the procedures taken by NCHU upon receiving international students' applications (tentatively)?

  • February 1 to March 31, the application duration.
  • The Office of International Affairs(OIA) is responsible for document review for the First Stage Evaluation after March 31. Any incomplete application can be rejected in this stage.
  • OIA will pass the application materials to the relevant department(s) for the Second Stage Evaluation. If you apply to two departments, both departments will evaluate your documentation, so you need to prepare two sets of documentation. 
  • The University Evaluation Committee, reviewing application materials, consists of the Directors of every department that accepts international applicants, Deans of the respective colleges, the Dean of the Office of Academic Affairs, and Dean of the OIA.
  • On June 15, the result of admission is announced on the website.  All applicants will receive an email indicating whether they are accepted or rejected and whether they have been awarded the NCHU scholarship.
  • Please tick your "Intent to Study at NCHU” on-line from June 15 to June 20.
  • OIA mails admission certificates by post to international students in July. The student should present the Admission Certificate to apply for a Taiwan visa.

2. I am currently a student and will graduate soon. However, I will not have my diploma and complete transcript until May, June, or July.  May I still apply to NCHU for enrollment in Fall Semester?

Yes, you may. Please upload the certificate of the current student status of your school and up-to-date transcript in the system. Some schools offer students a “Preliminary Graduation Notice”. That could also be proof, later you still need to follow the NCHU's instruction to turn in an official copy of your diploma and complete transcript with the authentication to NCHU before August 31st.


3. I'm not sure whether I'm eligible to apply due to my nationality.

Please check the "Qualification".


4. May I apply if I have dual nationalities?

You may under some circumstances. Please check the "Qualification". 


5. What is a "proof of financial sufficiency"?  How much money is "sufficient"?

Applicants without any scholarship must provide a financial statement during the last 90 days of at least NT$ 300,000 (USD$ 10,000), around 12 month basic cost of living in Taichung plus tuition fees of one academic year [link]. Scholarship recipients MUST provide a photocopy of scholarship certificate; if scholarship stipend is below NT$ 15,000 per month, please submit a financial statement during the last 90 days of at least NT$ 100,000 (USD$ 3,300).

(1) If a family or other personal sponsor will provide funding, please UPLOAD a bank statement with sufficient funding for at least 6 months total cost is required, along with the form "Declaration & Certification of Finances (1)" [download] verifying sponsorship for full length and cost of the program.

(2) If you are applying for scholarships but the results are not out yet, please UPLOAD the form "Declaration & Certification of Finances (2) [download]." 

(3) If an employer, government or organisation will provide funding, a signed Letter/Certificate/Statement of Sponsorship detailing amounts and length of sponsorship is required.

*. For the recipients of NCHU foreign scholarship, it is basically insufficient to cover all your expenses in Taiwan. Students need the annual renewal of the scholarship, which means it is not guaranteed every year. The purpose of the bank statement is to make sure students can afford the tuition fees and living costs even though they do not receive any scholarship support. Please refer to the "Fees" section for reference [link].  

*. All international applicants requesting visa eligibility documents are required to demonstrate that they have adequate financial resources to cover the cost of their education while in the Taiwan.

*. Please notify that usually all stipend of scholarships will be deposited into your account 2 months after you report to NCHU except sponsors of the scholarships deal with their recipients directly.


6. How to receive authentication of my diploma and transcript?

Please contact Taiwan embassy or representative office in your/nearby country. "Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Usually, you need to have your diploma and transcript notarised by your country first, and then bring the certified documents to Taiwan embassy or representative office for authentication.


7. There is no Taiwan representative office in my country. Where do I authenticate my documents?

Please visit "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" for information on Taiwan Embassies. Call the Taiwan embassy in the nearby country to check whether it is the one handling authentication for your country.


8. My diploma and transcript have already been certified by my school or my government. Is it enough for "authentication"?

No. You still need to bring those certified documents to Taiwan embassy to complete authentication.


9. What is the minimum language requirements for admission to NCHU?

You must possess either Chinese or English language proficiency to deal with school course work in the coming future. The minimum language requirements for gaining entry into National Chung Hsing University are as follows.

(1) Minimum requirements for Chinese ability (choose one below)

TOCFL(華語文能力測驗):Level 3 (進階級)
HSK(漢語水平考試):HSK V  

(2) Minimum requirements for English ability (choose one below)

TOEFL:itp 500 / ibt 61
TOEIC:670 or relevant English Proficiency Proof

*. Exam result/certificate of language proficiency must be VALID when applicants are going to apply for admission to National Chung Hsing University. 

*. If applicants cannot obtain original exam result/certificate of language proficiency by the deadline, please photocopy the transcripts on the official exam website and then upload to the online application system.

*. If students are unable to maintain good standing in course work due to language difficulties, they can take Chinese language courses at his/her own expense at the Chinese Language Centre, NCHU. For more information, please contact the Chinese Language Centre at +886-4-22840326 ext. 312/399.


10. I am interested in some departments/institutes/programs. Where and whom I can contact for more information?

Please refer to the website of "Academic Program" [link] and click the link of each college or department's web site for more information.  If you have questions for that department, please directly email to the department.


11. What are the departments/institutes/programs that international students may apply?

The departments/institutes/programs listed in the Academic Program are open for international students. However, some have additional requirements.


12. What are the all-English programs in NCHU?

Please refer to English-taught Programs or the website of Academic Program which has noted in English-taught Program in red color.  For other programs, applicants should better have Chinese ability to cope with the academic works. Please be prepared that most of the courses are taught in Chinese with or without English textbooks. For undergraduate programs except IBPA, applicants must have Chinese proficiency.


13. What are the scholarships that international students may apply?

Please refer to Scholarship List for International Students.  Please notice that there are varieties scholarship in different application ways, requirements and so on. Detailed and updated regulations are subject to their terms and conditions.


14. How do I apply for NCHU scholarship?

You just need to check the box "yes" for the question "would like to apply the scholarship from NCHU" in the application form. NCHU committee members will evaluate your qualification along with your admission. The results of scholarship and admission decisions will both be emailed to you and announced on the website in early June at  "Admission Announcement" on the left column. Current students need to apply for NCHU scholarship annually.


15. How do I apply for Taiwan Scholarship?

Please refer to the link for Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan scholarship or call the embassy directly for application form and related information.


16. I am applying for Taiwan Scholarship. May I apply for NCHU scholarship at the same time? May I receive NCHU admission earlier to have a better chance receiving Taiwan Scholarship?

You may apply for NCHU scholarship at the same time. If you receive both Taiwan Scholarship and NCHU scholarship, your NCHU scholarship will be canceled due to our guideline stating that NCHU recipients cannot receive other scholarship for more than NT15,000 per month.

It depends. There are 3 evaluating procedures for international applicants at NCHU. Once the results are finalized, we will process all applicants' admissions as soon as possible.


17. If I am admitted, may I change department/institute/program before the start of the semester?

No. You have to study at the department/institute/program listed in your admission notification. You may apply for changing departments after finishing the first or the second semester. However, it is not guaranteed that the application for changing the program will be approved.


18. I am studying at other universities in Taiwan. May I "transfer" to NCHU?

For a bachelor 's student. you need to pass the Transfer Test held by Division of Recruitment & Information. Please refer to for more detailed information. 

For a graduate student, you have a choice to apply as an international student at

*It is not guaranteed that all your credits will be admitted. You may check the NCHU Regulation for Credit Exemption.


19. May I apply for spring semester?

Only graduate students can apply for the spring semester. Please visit the following website for details.


20. What should I do if I am admitted but cannot report in Fall semester?

You may fill in the “Letter of Intend to Study” indicating that you wish to postpone your admission till Spring semester or Fall semester next year. NCHU permits you to defer one year at most.


21. How much are roughly the tuition and living costs in NCHU? The school fees (Tuition & Miscellaneous fees & credit fees) are raised to match those of private universities upon Ministry of Education's new regulation since 2011-2012 academic year.

  • Tuition & Miscellaneous and credit fees USD 1,739/ 6 months (Covered by the NCHU Scholarship if awarded full tuition waiver)
  • *On-campus accommodation USD 400-500/ 6 months 
  • *Off-campus housing USD 1,500-1800/ 6 months 
  • Computer Lab/ Email Account Fee USD 15/ 6 months 
  • National Health Insurance USD 150/ 6 months 
  • Student Safety Insurance USD 8/ 6 months 
  • Textbooks / stationery USD 160/ 6 months 
  • Living expenses USD 1,500/ 6 months



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