Work Permit 


Work Permit Application

International students who wish to work in Taiwan (either on-campus or off-campus), are required to a work permit before working. Please note that if you hold a job without applying for a work permit, you may be fined NTD 30,000 to NTD 150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately!

  • Exchange students are prohibited from working in Taiwan.
  • Online work permit application system



















Useful Information

  1. Work Permit Checking-list
  2. Postal Giro Deposit Slip (sample)
  3. Consent Form for Work Permit


Check for Status

  1. Go to Status Check of Work Permit Application for Foreign Professionals
  2. Login with your account and password
  3. Check the application




Other Regulaitons

  1. The maximum work hours permitted are 20 hours per week, except during summer and winter vacations.
  2. According to the Employment Services Act, if you work without a work permit, you will be fined from NTD 30,000 to NTD 150,000 and ordered to leave the country immediately.
  3. According to the "Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers," you can apply for the student work permit only if you are officially enrolled as a degree student in any university in Taiwan.
  4. You should return the work permit (if valid) to the OIA office if you are suspended or discontinue your education at NCHU.
  5. For applications made in the first semester, the work permit is valid until March 31st of the next semester; for applications made in the second semester, the work permit is valid until September 30th of the same year. The maximum validity period of a work permit is six months.
  6. For the complete regulation, please refer to: Ministry of Labor Employment Service Act .



Contact Information

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  2. Website:
  3. Tel: 0800-881-339/ (02)2380-1720
  4. Office Hour: Monday to Friday, 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30