Foreign Students Insurance (FSI)


  • What is FSI?
  1. It’s Foreign Student Insurance (International Students’ Group Medical Insurance). FSI is provided for the foreign students who are not eligible for National Health Insurance. A foreign student who does not have NHI is mandatory to enroll in the FSI plan, and the fee will be included in the tuition bill.
  • What is covered by FSI?
  1. Medical benefit covers the medical services for unexpected injury and some clinic healing services.
  2. For the same symptoms, the insurance company covers only one visit per day, 30 times a year. The maximum coverage per visit is NT $1,000. The Maximum of daily hospital income is NT $1000/ per day if needed it.
  • How much does it cost?
  1. It costs approximate NT $600 per month for the academic year of 2019.
  • When am I insured?
  1. Students are insured within a week after submitting ROC number sheet to OIA.
  • How to claim the FSI insurance?
  1. Go to authorized hospitals and clinics and pay the medical bills first. Turn in the required documents as below and a signed application form to the Office of International Affairs (OIA). OIA will help you send the documents to the insurance company. After reviewing, your will receive the reimbursement directly deposited to your bank account by the insurance company.


- A Compensation Application Form. (pick up at OIA)

- The doctor’s diagnosis. (Must have the hospital’s and the doctor’s certified seals/ stamps)

- The original receipts, photocopied receipts need to be notarized by the hospital.

- A copy of your passbook cover page shows your name and account number clearly.

- A copy of your passport/ARC or ROC number sheet.

1. Insurance Claim Application Form (Sample)

2. Insurance Policy of 2019