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ROC United ID Number

For those without ARC but need to open a bank account, declare income taxes return, or apply for a driver's license, one has to have an ROC ID number. Please inform the coordinator of National Immigration Agency if applicants possessed a residence permit or have applied for this number before.


  • An application form
  • The original and one photocopy of the passport, including the visa.
  • Application fee: free
  • Processing time: about an hour


Visitor Visa Extension

The applicant can apply for extension within 15 days prior to the expiration of a visitor visa.


(a) The duration of each such extension shall not be longer than that of the original visa.
(b) The holder of a visitor visa may not exceed staying six months aggregate time in the country.
(c) It shall be extended only twice and the period of extension shall not be longer than 60 days.



  • An application form.
  • The original and one photocopy of the passport with visitor visa.
  • The following documents, as appropriate:

(a) Chinese language training:

  • An enrollment certificate or class schedule from an approved public or private language center or university.
  • Attendance record (except the first extension)

(b) Other: Approval letter from authorized government agent.


Change Visitor Visa to Resident Visa

Foreign students who will stay in Taiwan over than 180 days need to change their Visitor Visa to Resident Visa at Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After getting the Resident Visa, you will need to apply for ARC in Immigration Agency within 15 days.



  • Original and copy of passport
  • Original and copy of Visitor Visa
  • Original and copy of student ID
  • Certificate of student status may obtain at Division of Registration (NT$20)
  • Certificate of NCHU/Taiwan/ICDF Scholarship (proof of financial sufficiency)
  • Original and copy of Health Check Report
  • Around NT$3,000 (refer to
  • Two 2-inch photos
  • Visa application form

Resident Visa

Students who have entered on resident visas or are in the ROC(Taiwan) on exchangeable visas should apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and reentry permit at the Taichung City Branch Office of National Immigration Agency within 15 days of obtaining their updated resident visas. The duration of stay is based on the period stipulated in the ARC.


Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

For a foreigner intending to reside for more than 180 days, one has to apply an Alien Resident Certificate in the ROC.


  • An application form.
  • One photo. Color glossy print ID photos taken without wearing a headgear or sunglasses, white background.
  • The original and one photocopy of the passport, including the resident visa.
  • The original and one photocopy of the student ID card, an original receipt of tuition payment, an enrolment certificate or certificate of admission.
  • Application fee: NTD1,000 (one-year)
  • Processing time: 10 workdays



Taichung City First Service Center, National Immigration Agency
移民署 台中市第一服務站
1F., No.22, Wenxin S. 3rd Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan.

1F., No. 503, Section 2, Liming Rd, Taichung City, Taiwan.
Tel: 04-2251-0799
Fax: 04-2251-0700


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