Taiwan Post
 ( is the Taiwan mail service.The post offices are located in many different places.Most of the post offices open on Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.There, you can buy stamps, send mail, buy packaging material and also open a saving account. (Please see the “Banking” section)

Public phones are widely available.Public phones in Taiwan are divided primarily into two types. Coin phones, being the first type, accept coins in NT$1, NT$5, and NT$10 denomination. Phone cards for the second type of phones can be further divided into magnetic strip stored value cards and IC (microchip) stored value cards, and can be used all over Taiwan.Magnetic strip cards sell for NT$100 each, and IC cards are available in NT$200 and NT$300 versions. The cards are sold at railway stations, bus stations, or convenience stores.When making local calls, it is not necessary to dial the area code.

As a foreigner, applying for a cell phone number is easier at the airport than in normal stores in Taiwan. Before you leave the airport, apply for a cell phone number.

How to make an international call?
International calls can be made by dialing:
002 + country code + area code (leaving out“0”which is in front of the area code)+ local number.Besides 002, one can also dial 019.

How to make an economical international calls?
Chunghwa Telecom provides Pre-paid Cards and International E-call Cards of different denominations (NT$200, NT$300, and NT$500).They can be purchased at Chunghwa Telecom, Convenience Stores, or some post offices.

Try Chunghwa Telecom ( for more specific details.

Off-campus Housing
There are quite a lot of apartments and rental houses close to NCHU. The rent for off-campus accommodation ranges from NT$ 3,000 to 10,000(US$90 to 300) per month depending on housing conditions.Tenants usually will be asked to pay 6 or 12 months rental fees once plus 1 or 2 months deposit when you sign the contract with the landlord. However, rental fees payment ways are not all the same depending on landlords.
We suggest International students stay in campus dorm, but if students need housing information, school can only provide Chinese version so far (