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Imagining Nature in the Anthropocene

  • About this program

Human activities have propelled the Earth into a new geological epoch. This insight is encapsulated in the Anthropocene concept, which challenges us to explore the social and cultural dimensions of ecological change. The Anthropocene calls for new ways of imagining the relationship between humans and nature. It forces us to think again about how human ways of life shape and are shaped by non-human others, and how our lives and those of other biological species are made possible by and in turn affect the abiotic forces of the Earth system.

This summer school will provide up to 45 graduate students and early career researchers with an opportunity to engage these issues together with some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field, and to present and discuss their own ongoing projects.


  • Requirements

Applicants will sign up for 2 of the 6 workshops offered by our international guests (Chia-ju Chang, Jon Christensen, Dolly Jorgensen, Ursula Heise, Arupjyoti Saikia, Keijiro Suga).

  1. Required readings or descriptions of other preparatory tasks for these workshops will be distributed in advance.
  2. The applicants will also be expected to deliver a 10 minute presentation about an ongoing research project of their own (e.g. MA or PhD thesis, book, or scholarly article).
  3. The applicants will need to supply a written description of this project (of about 1.000 words) which will be distributed to the session leader and other participants beforehand.


  • Eligibility and Funding

Applicants are expected to be currently enrolled in a graduate program or to have received their PhD over the past six years. We also welcome junior faculty and early career researchers. The summer school will cover room and board for all participants for the duration of the week, including breakfast, lunch, and the conference banquet. The registration fee is 80 USD for international participants and 2.400 NTD for participants from Taiwan.


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