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Summer Program for Global Sustainable Governance

  • About this program


NCHU faculty and visiting faculty from partner universities in other countries will conduct courses in the GSG program. Courses are offered at the senior/fourth year undergraduate level and entry/first year graduate level, with the content covering 18 topics in political economy, earth science, environment and sustainability, technology and sciences, and culture and society. Through professional lectures and engagement with students from around the world, this short-term on-campus program will offer an inspiring and memorable experience for rethinking what human life should be in the future. Participating students receive the opportunity to acquire academic credits after completing the program.


  • What Makes GSG Program Unique?


  1. Expert lectures from highly qualified and enthusiastic instructors.
  2. Innovative curricula including classroom and extracurricular activities.
  3. Small class size with 40-45 elite students for stimulative and thought challenging experience.
  4. Hands-on Project design emphasizes presentation and communication skills.


  • Diversified Lecture Design


The GSG program covers a diversity of issues, not limited to: sustainable challenge, climate change, domestic governance, energy challenge, maritime development, food security, role of education and youngers, role of NGO/NPO, regional case studies, application of AI and Big Data, green growth, law and equality, and civil responsibility.

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