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2019 Application of International Volunteer Summer Program


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Organizer: Office of International Affairs (OIA), Office of Student Affairs, International Volunteers Club
Country: Sri Lanka
Fee: NTD 21,000~25,000 ( rest of the trip fee will be subsidized by OIA )
Recruitment: 10 people
Date: August 1st–14th,2019 (tentative, will be confirmed by February, 2019; please arrange a 20-day time-window around this period)
Non-Governmental Organization: Dharma Friends Buddhist Cultural Center
(*Noted: Theravada Buddhism is the major religion in Sri Lanka, with about 70% of the country's population as followers. It’s common for local Buddhist center to cooperate with school or teachers as a teaching center. There won’t have any faith or religious problem during volunteering.)

Who Can Apply: Eligibility is granted to all students of National Chung Hsing University, regardless of their nationality or religion. As the lessons and programs discussion are mostly used by Chinese, ability of Chinese speaking is highly suggested.

Application Deadline: December 10th (Mon.), 2018

Where to Submit: Paper application form should be submitted to OIA.

Selection Process: Two stages
Stage IApplicants will be selected based on the information provided in the application form.
Stage IIShortlisted applicants will be invited to have an interview with the Selection Committee.

Things to Remember: By submitting this application, you are obligated to

  1. Attend a two-day Training Workshop (scheduled in February: 2/28-3/1,2019) .
  2. Engage in weekly programs training discussion (in Spring Semester, usually from 18:30 to 21:30) organized by International Volunteer Club.
  3. Submit a written review (at least 2,500 words) and join the Retrospective Sharing (held after back from volunteering in November, 2019).
  4. Helping and sharing your experiences with the newcomers of International Volunteers in 2020.

Contact: Ms. Lynn Wu at OIA / / 04-2284-0206 # 26

Pre-submission Check List:

o Application Form
o Autobiography
o Personal Information Agreement
o Supplementary Materials (professional credentials/publications, etc.)


  1. 主辦單位:國際事務處、學務處生涯發展中心、國際志工服務社
  2. 服務時間:斯里蘭卡:8/1~8/14(暫定)
  3. 招募對象:中興大學在學學生,具備社團活動經驗、服務隊或志願服務學習經驗者尤佳。
  4. 報名時間:2018年12月10日(一)前,繳交報名表及相關文件至國際事務處(行政大樓3樓)。
  5. 報名方式: 接受紙本報名,紙本請於截止日前(2018年12月10日)親送至國際事務處。
  6. 徵選評審原則: 採兩階段,第一階段為書面資料審查;第一階段通過者,將另行通知參與第二階段面試,評審標準包括個人特質、社團或志工服務等經驗、溝通表達能力、應對能力等。
  7. 重要注意事項:
  • 此服務隊隸屬於國際志工服務社,行前和隊員共同完成計劃的規劃和準備,包括經費與物資籌募、行政工作、各項相關會議與討論。下學期社課時間(暫定)規劃每周星期(三)晚上6:30~9:30。除了社課時間之外,另有額外的教案準備與討論時間
  • 志工行前培訓課程與工作坊活動(包含志工培訓計劃,預計辦理時間:2019/ 02/ 28~03/ 01)。並於服務歸國後,協助引導下一屆國際志工及社團運作。
  • 活動結束後一個月內,須繳交2,500字參與心得,並參與公開成果分享會。

  *聯絡單位:國際事務處 吳小姐 / / 04-22840206 轉26