The Result Announcement of International Students' Article & Short Film Competition

Thank you all for your hard work and masterpieces!

[International Students] Article & Short Film Competition

The Awardees of Article Competition

  Student ID Last Name The Title of Article
Gold Prize 7107***508 Trang NCHU Let me be, set me free (English)(Vietnamese)(link)
Silver Prize 7107***016 Munkhjargal A horse-rider in NCHU (English) (Mongolian)(link)
Bronze Prize I 7108***115 Dlamini The Wonders of My School Life at NCHU (English)(Link)
Bronze Prize II 8108***002 Wilkie Why NCHU?! (English)(Link)
Excellent Work 7107***018 Adawiya MY EXPERIENCE AND MATURITY (English) (Indonesia)(Link)
Excellent Work 4107***419 Magdalee Take the plunge (English) (French)(Link)
Excellent Work 7108***002 Minhas My Journey To NCHU (English) (Urdu)(Link)
Excellent Work 7107***505 Wibowo The reason why I choose NCHU (English) (Bahasa Indonesia)(Link)
Excellent Work 7108***030 Gustian The NCHU, the Dream Campus of Me and My Father (English) (Indonesia)(Link)
Excellent Work 7108***227 Lammiduk Living Abroad = Loving Abroad (English) (Bahasa Indonesia)(Link)
Excellent Work 7107***517 Nugraha The Characteristics, Advantages and Strengths
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan (NCHU) (English) (Indonesia)(Link)
Excellent Work 8107***004 Ndure Journey of Hope (English)(Link)
Excellent Work 4104***146 Hwei A University that feels like home (English)(Link)
Excellent Work 7107***514 Aragon A Nicaraguan in Asia (English) (Spanish)(Link)


The Awardees of Short Film Competition

  Student ID SLast Name The Title of Short Film
Gold Prize 4108***413 Garrido New Life (English/Spanish)
Silver Prize 7107***514 Aragon My experience in NCHU (Spanish/English)
Bronze Prize I 4108***424 Boo Straightforward (Korean/English)
Bronze Prize II 7107***517 Nugraha Study at National Chung Hsing University (Indonesian/English)
Excellent Work 4107***057 Trang My school life at NCHU (Vietnamese/English)
Excellent Work 4108***030 Kee Why NCHU? (Malaysian/English)
Excellent Work 7108***227 Lubis Living Abroad = Loving Abroad (Bahasa Indonesia/English)
Excellent Work 0108***015 Saewun The journey of 史香文 (Thai/English)
Excellent Work 0108***035 Khoa NCHU Student Diary (Vietnamese/English)
Excellent Work 7107***505 Wibowo 1 Year NCHU Sharing Experience (Bahasa Indonesia/English)
Excellent Work 7107***214 Silva NCHU CLIP(Sinhala/English)
Excellent Work 4107***048 Tidiane My student life at NCHU (French/English)

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