2019 Interview of Tohoku University student

Q1: How do you like Taiwan?

        A: It is so sunny all the time. Weather is so hot and humid. But people are so kind to me. The culture is interesting. In Japan, tea ceremony is regarded as very important, but it is a bit different in Taiwan. Professor said the Taiwanese people think the taste is more important. But in Japan, manners, methods and equipment are more important. For example, we have certain order for offering tea to the guests in accordance with their ranks and importance. We also have some special greetings to those people while serving tea. The hospitality of Taiwanese students is good, but it is a bit culturally different. For example, we eat at the same time when dining in restaurants and don’t eat or drink during the class in front of the professor. But in Taiwan, it doesn’t matter, you can just eat or drink.

Q2: How do you like NCHU?

        A: The campus is so big and full of facilities. I see many people just walking or jogging around the campus, therefore it is obvious that it is loved by the locals. I love the library. Management staff of the university, the OIA, is very helpful. The Wi-Fi in the dormitory is very poor and sometimes the signal disappears a lot. This is my first time living in a dormitory so I can’t compare it with anything, but I know that this time is really precious to me.

Q3: What’s the most special thing about our Summer School?

        A: I knew that there were some other arrangements about this summer school, but later cancelled due to lack of participants. The OIA of NCHU then asked about what I’m interested in and designed some activities and lab exchanges that were customized to fit me and I believe that is a very special part of this summer school.

Q4: What can we do to improve our Summer School next year?

A: I think arranging more classes, courses and lab exchanges can be better. But actually for students who have so many classes during the semester, not very packed schedule like this is also very good. Overall, everything is really good.

Q5: What’s the difference between Tohoku University and NCHU?

        A: In Tohoku University, we have special library tour and after I finished that I get special access to restricted books which are situated on the basement floor of our library. I think it is also a very good idea to hold a tour especially for the library. The campus of our Tohoku university is divided and buildings are separate, so I think the complex and more centered campus of NCHU is better than that.