2019 國際處活動歷史回顧

Orientation for Mainland China Exchange Students

58 exchange students from Mainland China attended an orientation held on February 13, 2019. In the meeting, these new-arrival students learned about the campus, selecting courses, health exam, dormitory, and many useful skills living in Taichung. They will stay at NCHU for one semester.

Welcome Party for International Students & Buddies

A welcome party for NCHU new-arrival international students was held by International Pioneer Club (IPC) on February 19, 2019. It was the first time for them to meet their Taiwanese student buddies. The buddy program will last for one semester and provide support while their study at NCHU.

Delegates from Benguet State University, Philippines            

President of Benguet State University, Dr. Feliciano G. Calora Jr., Vice President for Business Affairs Dr. Silvestre K. Aben, Dean of College of Home Economics and Technology Dr. Pelin B. Belino, and a faculty of College of Forestry Ms. Nova Doyog visit NCHU on February 20, 2019.


於108年2月21日舉辦赴海外交換計畫說明會, 讓學生們對於交換計畫能更進一步得了解, 並在自己的學涯規劃裡, 增添一筆海外生活, 增加自己的所見所聞。

Delegates from Nagasaki University, Japan

Vice President of Nagasaki University, Dr. Isao Shimokawa (下川功), Professor of Center for Language Studies Dr. Akira Hiro (廣江顕), Staff of International Planning Division Ms. Ayaka Kose (古瀬彩香), and Staff of Student Exchange Support Division Mr. Akitoshi Tokushige (徳重秋利), visited NCHU on March 11, 2019.            
International Recruitment

An “International Recruitment” for overseas Chinese / international students was held on March 14, 2019 at NCHU. Keding Enterprises Co. Ltd. and SB Group from Malaysia gave presentation & job interview during the event.
NCHU International Partnership Forum - Exploring Collaboration between Taiwan and India

NCHU invited 5 professors from two Indian partner universities, namely, SRM Science &Technology and Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, to join in NCHU International Partnership Forum and Bilateral Conference on Engineering and Technology. They also attended the opening ceremony of India Taiwan Career & Academic Linkages on April 25, 2019.


Delegates from The Hague University of Applied Science

Dr. Jacob Rob Lasas, Deputy Head Academic Staff of International Business Program and Mr. Erik van der Molen, Lecturer/Course Coordinator/Regional Coordinator visited NCHU on May 20, 2019.

2019 NCHU Graduation Ceremony

Happy Graduation 2019! NCHU graduation ceremony was held in June 1, 2019. Belizean Ambassador, Diane Carla Haylock, also joined in the event. More than 30 international students attended OIA’s tea party and took photos together.

Orientation for Opole Summer School

14 students from TCUS are going to join in the Summer University at Opole University, Poland, during July 15-August 9, 2019. They will take courses about European issues and join in a Moving.Lab program in Luxembourg and Western Germany.

Farewell Party for China Students

More than 100 students joined in a farewell party for China students on June 13, 2019. There are about 80 China degree/exchange students will leave NCHU this summer. Some of their Taiwanese friends also joined in this event and shared the last happy moments together.

Orientation for 2019 Outbound Students

More than 100 students participated in NCHU Orientation for outbound exchange/short-term program on June 15th, 2019. There will be about 300 outbound students studying at NCHU’s oversea partner universities in the following academic year.

107-2 TA Final Meeting

Congratulations !!107-2 TA program has finished successfully. Through this program, international students have more opportunity to being a TA and more interaction with domestic students. Besides, it's also a platform let NCHU international students to get closer each other.

Delegates from Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU), Philippines

Prof. Rodrigo C. Munoz and Dr. Hermogenes M. Paguia from Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU), Philippines, visited Office of International Affairs on June 26, 2019. They are hosted by Prof. Hsin-I Chiang, Department of Animal Science, Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Mu-Min Chen, and Prof. Tzy-Ling Chen, Director, Division of Academic Exchange, OIA.

Delegates from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia

Rector Prof. Panut Mulyono, Dean Prof. Ali Agus, Vice Dean Prof. Budi Guntoro, Dr. Nafiatul Umami (chair, Master study program), and Dr. Danang Sri Hadmoko (Director of Partnership, Alumni and Global Initiatives) visit NCHU on July 1-2, 2019. They are hosted by NCHU President Fuh-Sheng Shieu and Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Mu-Min Chen.  
Nagasaki University English Camp in Taiwan

Nagasaki University led 42 students and 6 staff visited NCHU on September 3rd, 2019. There were also 35 Taiwanese students joined with them and discussed some interesting topics (tea&drinks, manga, and lunch box) together.

Orientation for International Students

120 international students attended an orientation held on September 3, 2019. In the meeting, these new-arrival students learned about the campus, selecting courses, health exam, dormitory, and many useful skills living in Taichung.

Welcome Party for Mainland China Students

A welcome party for NCHU new-arrival Mainland China students was held on September 6, 2019. It was the first time for them to meet their Taiwanese student buddies. The buddy program will last for one semester and provide support while their study at NCHU.

Agriculture Exchange Program between NCHU and Missouri State University

Director General Jerry Chang visited Springfield, Missouri and met with Taiwanese exchange students from National Chung Hsing University and Taiwanese faculty at the Missouri State University.

Lab Exchange with Tohoku University from August 18 until August 30, 2019

We are glad to welcome Ms. Noriko Tsukahara, a student in Dept. of History of Japanese Thought at Tohoku University, to join us for lab exchange. Ms. Tsukahara talked about her travel experience.

108-1 赴海外交換申請說明會


Exchange Experience Sharing Workshops 

Two exchange experience sharing workshops were held on Oct. 15&16, 2019. More than 100 students participated in these events. Students who had finished their exchange programs in Germany, Korea, Thailand and other countries came to share their experiences and provided information to those who are interested in the programs.

NCHU Develops Electronic Skin

Ying-Chih Lai, an associate professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at National Chung Hsing University, and his team have developed an electronic skin that is not only self-healable, superstretchable, and transparent but also able to operate via self-generating electricity.

Breakthrough in the key mechanism in the symbiosis of termites and fungi
The Department of Entomology and the Department of Plant Pathology at National Chung Hsing University worked together for a breakthrough in the key mechanism of the symbiotic relationship between termites and fungi. 
American Students’ Agricultural Exchange in Taiwan
Seven students from the states of Missouri and Kansas traveled to Taiwan on October 26th for an agricultural exchange program hosted by the National Chung Hsing University.(more)


今年適逢百年校慶,許多的美食與跳蚤市場盛行舉辦,希望各位同學都吃得開心,玩得愉快。更多的照片都在我們的Facebook紛絲專頁喔! (more)

International Forum for NCHU have a perfect ending

2019 is NCHU 100th birthday, and we hold a international forum that invite principles of our sister schools. Hope you have a joyful journey these day!

Study & Research Opportunities in Belgium






NCHU Let me be, Set me free (Vietnam)

Summer 2018, when I hold my mailed acceptance letter from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, I thought I would spend the next few years in the U.K exploring the next step of life. As an international student spending my bachelor degree years in the United States before......



歷經多年的國際計畫相關合作與交流,在中興大學國際處及創產學院新南向辦公室的合作下,泰國清邁皇家大學(Chiang Mai Rajabhat University,CMRU)以及菲律賓中央比科爾州立農業大學(Central Bicol State University of Agriculture,CBSUA)兩校副校長於本(12)月18日至20日攜手率團正式訪問中興大學,並於20日與中興大學共同簽訂姐妹校備忘錄。

108學年度 陸生歡送會


Farewell party for International Student

Farewell Party has successfully completed on Dec. 23, 2019. Thanks for all of you love this beautiful school and wish you have a wonderful time here. Take care!(more)

2019 Asia Pacific Tea Symposium

This is the reiview video of 2019 Tea Symposium on December 7th, 2019. Click the link to watch the video on youtube right now! (link)