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MOE/NCHU Elite Scholarship  |  ▶Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) Scholarship  |  ▶National Science and Technology Council Graduate Research Fellowship (Pilot Program)

MOE / NCHU Elite Scholarship

Doctoral/Master degree-seeking applicants who are currently university lecturers or professors in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand or Countries of African. 
*Lecturer Certificate is needed.
Study Year
Commencing from every Fall Semester
Application Time (Feb. 1st ~ March  31st)
Apply Here
* The application will be evaluated as a special case.
* The applicant is required to submit the admission application again at the regular application website (Feb. 1st ~ March  31st)
* The applicant needs to provide an official Lecturer cetificate from school. 
Duration of Scholarships
September – July next year for 3 years (reviewed annually)
*To receive the three-year continuous scholarship, the student's average score must achieve a minimum mark of 80 in his/her previous academic year. 
Amount of Scholarship
NTD$ 300,000/per year
(Around USD 9,740/per year. Exchange rate: NTD: USD = 30.8 :1)
*The scholarship doesn't include a tuition waiver. Students will need to pay the tuition fee as general Taiwanese students. 

Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) Scholarship

Ph.D. student enrolled in Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP)
Application way
OIA does not take charge of this scholarship, please refer to the related website to know the upgraded information.

National Science and Technology Council Graduate Research Fellowship (Pilot Program)

Sponsor: National Science and Technology Council



1. Monthly stipend:

Each fellowship recipient will be granted a monthly stipend of NT$40,000 for a period of up to 3 years


2. Eligibility:

Ph.D. foreign students
First-year Ph.D. students enrolled in the first semester of their current year (including registrations in February and September). The following individuals are not eligible to receive this fellowship: (1)Those who are engaged in full-time paid employment in public or private sectors or who apply for admission as part-time students possessing responsibilities related to employment. (2)Students with statuses from Hong Kong, Macau, and Mainland China. (3)Those who have applied for leave of absence and retained their admission eligibility or have not completed registration after admission. (4) Those who are concurrently in receipt of scholarship or subsidy offered by the ROC government.


Application Process

Application time:TBA


Apply Website(Click here)

More info:National Science and Technology Council Graduate Research Fellowship Pilot Program