Dual Degree - Application Information

Application Process

  1. Please apply according to the admission schedule for international students of the current academic year (bachelor's students can only apply during fall semester).

  2. Application for admission will be accepted by the Division of Foreign Student Affairs of the Office of International Affairs , and the preliminary examination will be conducted on whether the application qualification and application form meets the requirements. The candidate data of those who pass the preliminary examination will be sent to relevant departments and institutes for screening. In the university-level review committee (for the final review), the reviewers are the Vice President for International Affairs, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the heads of the various departments where foreign students are applying.
  3. The results of admission and scholarship offered by National Chung Hsing University will be posted on the website of the Office.
  4. Please reply to the "Study Intention Form" online. Failure to reply within the deadline shall be regarded as giving up automatically.
  5. The admission permit and related information will be sent. The accepted student should apply for a visa at the foreign office with the admission permit.
  6. Please register at the school according to the specified time and place.