Hong Kong and Macao Students - Application Information 

Brief Introduction

Encouraging overseas Chinese students coming back to Taiwan for higher education has always been the policy of Taiwan government. For the past 50 years, nearly a hundred thousand overseas Chinese students have pursued higher study in Taiwan and returned to home country for work, becoming the critical force of social and economic development. Since 1995, the universities in Taiwan, which have been granted more flexibility in student recruiting, have united and established University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students. The Committee carries out the mission of recruiting and distributing overseas Chinese students (Hong Kong and Macau included) on behalf of committee member universities (recruiting programs include Bachelor, Master and Ph.D)


Yuhlong Su, the president of National Chi Nan University, is currently the Chairman of the Committee. Up to 2014, there are 149 committee member universities, comprising of 72 public and private universities, 77 universities of technology and NTNU (Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students). The Board of Committee Affairs was established according to Regulations of University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students. Its main missions are to determine the admission brochure, the distributing quota for each major field, the standard assessment, distributing methods, the lowest admitted score and recruiting quota usage. The Board members are comprised of those Universities whose Overseas Chinese student ratio is high or those who are experienced in executing overseas Chinese student affair. Currently, there are 25 Board members (10 public universities, 8 private universities, 2 universities of technology, 5 private universities of technology)


University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students provides the easiest way to pursue your higher study in Taiwan: One registration – various choice! Go on the official website and register, you are able to apply up to 70 programs at the same time, and base on your scores and your preference, you will be distributed into an appropriate university. Since 2012, in addition to United Distribution method, students can also apply individually. Applicants must state 3 desired programs and submit the required documents of the university. Afterwards, applicants will be assessed individually by universities based on scores, personal preference and recruiting quota. Applicants who fail to be admitted through Individual Application method can join the United Distribution as a second chance. Having two easy ways of applying, your dream of studying in Taiwan is closer than you think!


For more information, please refer to the website of UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE COMMITTEE FOR OVERSEAS CHINESE STUDENTS.

●Regulations of University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students: PDF

●University Entrance Committee For Overseas Chinese Students Recruiting Regulation: PDF

●Introduction on Technological and Vocational Education in Taiwan: PDF