PAX & Lab - Leaving NCHU

Q1: How can I finish my Leaving School Confirmation for Exchange Students?

1.Once you print out the form, please fill in the detailed information. (Including Name, Gender, Birth Date, ID No., Student ID No., Exchange Department, Contact information, etc.)

2. Please finish the stamps step by step. (Department--> Library--> Office of Academic Affairs --> Dormitory Service Center --> Office of International Affairs)


Q2: If I finished the stamp at Library, can I still borrow books?

Once you finished the stamp at Library, you could only return the books. You could not borrow books or access the library. If you want to access into Library, you will need to apply for temporary proof at the front desk. 


Q3: If I finished the stamp at Dormitory Service Center, can I still stay in the Dormitory?

Students would need to follow the Dormitory's schedule. They will need to move out of the dormitory at a specific time period. If they would like to stay in a Dormitory during Winter or Summer Vacation, they will need to apply directly to the dormitory. 


Q4: How can I receive my Deposit for the Dormitory or pay an additional electricity bill?

According to the policy, the refund will be delivered to your Post Office Account.Please clean the dormitory and pass the dormitory manager's check. Students could only get the refund by holding Dormitory's receipt. 


Q5: If I finish the process, can I still use my Student ID Card?

Students could keep the Student ID Card. Student ID Card will be stamped "Invalid". The cards could be used as Easy card and dormitory access card. 


Q6: Can I get my Transcripts once I finished the leaving process?

Division of Registration will print out the transcripts once they received all grades from professors. We will directly send the transcripts to your university. 


Q7: Can I apply for more than 1 copy of the transcript?

We usually provide 1 copy of the transcript in Chinese and 1 in English. If you need more copies, please confirm with us before leaving NCHU.


Q8: Do I need to close my Post Office Account?

We will suggest students close the account. If you would like to keep the account, please do not forget to apply for Cross-Border Transition. If you would like to close the account, please bring your account book and ARC card (or passport and ID number sheet) to the post office and finish the process. If you did not receive the insurance claim, please do not close your account. 

Q9: Do I need to fill any form before leaving NCHU?

Please fill the form of Leaving-School Confirmation for Exchange students (odt).