Once You Are in Taichung - Transportation

NCHU Address

145 Xingda Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Ways to Arrive NCHU

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Taichung City Bus

Kindly asking the bus driver for direction is highly recommended before taking the bus. It is always possible for visitors to take the bus in the wrong direction!

NCHU Gate Bus Line

NCHU Main Gate (Xingda Rd.)
Station Name: Chung Hsing University (Xingda Rd.)

passing by "HSR Taichung Station" or "Taichung Station"
Line 73 (Ubus)
Line 33 (Taichung Bus) 
Line 35 (Taichung Bus)
Line 52 (Chung-Lu BUS)

NOT passing by "HSR Taichung Station" and "Taichung Station"
Line 23 (Ubus) 

Taichung Bus Driving Map

NCHU Side Gate (Guoguang Rd.)
Station Name: Chung Hsing University (Guoguang Rd.)

Line 50 (Ubus)
Line 59 (Ubus)
Line 65 (CHBus)
Line 158 (CHBus)

Taichung Bus Driving Map

NCHU Other Gate
Station Name: 3rd Police Precinct

Line 37 (Ubus  CTbus )
Line 82 (Taichung Bus)
Line 89 (Green Transit)
Line 101 (Taichung Bus)
Line 102 (Taichung Bus)
Line 105 (Chung-Lu BUS)
Line 242 (SF E-bus)
Line 281 (Ubus  CTbus )

Please get off at station “3rd Police Precinct”. You can reach NCHU main gate by walking along “XueFu Rd. “ about 300m. (Lines above can both reach HSR Taichung Station and Taichung Railway Station.)

Taichung Bus Driving Map

NCHU Side Gate (Guoguang Rd.)
Station Name: Jiancheng - Xuefu Intersection

Line 9 (Taichung Bus)
Line 41 (Taichung Bus)

Passengers can get off at the station “Jiancheng - Xuefu Intersection”. You can reach NCHU main gate by walking along Siaofu Rd. (Xuefu Rd.) about 100m.

Taichung Bus Driving Map

iBike is a public bicycle sharing(renting) system. With a distance of 2.7km between Taichung Railway Station and NCHU, renting an iBike is also a pleasant transportation option for visitors.
Passengers can rent an iBike in front of Taichung Rail Station (central district) and return it at the bike station “National Chung Hsing University” (south district, about 100m from the eastern direction of the main gate)
iBike Station List



1.It takes about 10-15 minutes to reach NCHU from Taichung Railway Station.
2.It takes about 20-30 minutes to reach NCHU from Taichung High-Speed Rail Station. 
** It is also possible to take the train from "Xinwuri Station", inside HSR station, to "Taichung" or "Wuquan" Railway Station.
Visitors can then take transportations from Taichung Railway Station to NCHU with the ways mentioned above


Driving Visitors

A certain amount of fee will be charged when entering the campus with cars or motorbycles.

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