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Taiwan has been implementing waste reduction and waste sorting for many years. Please sort your waste in accordance with the administrative regulations. If your residential area does not have a centralized waste disposal area, please throw your waste into a garbage collection truck stopping by your residential area after sorting and wrapping your waste well.



Wastes that need to be sorted include paper, glass containers, paper containers, plastic containers, and metal containers.
If you stay in the South District in Taichung City, you can recycle paper and glass containers on Mondays; paper containers, plastic containers, and metal containers on Thursdays, and all types of recyclables on Saturdays.
*Paper containers need to be recycled separately from ordinary paper as special treatments need to be performed on the inner layers of paper containers.
**You can visit the resource recycling website set up by the Environmental Protection Bureau, Taichung City Government to confirm what are the recyclable materials.



If you are an international student on a short-term stay in Taiwan, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card at the airport upon arrival (available for people aged 20 years old and above only).
Required Documents: Two identification documents (passport and another identification document with a photograph).

If you are an international guest on a long-term stay in Taiwan, you can sign up for a monthly rental plan at a telecommunications company. You have to get a Taiwan national to act as a guarantor and visit the telecommunications company with you in order to complete the relevant procedures at the counter.
Required Documents: Passport and ARC.
The Taiwan national who acts as a guarantor (and must be at least 20 years) is required to bring his/her National Identity Card and another identification document with a photograph.



Chunghwa Post offers domestic and international postal services. The nearest post office to NCHU is the Taichung Guoguang Road Post Office located opposite the female dormitory.