Outbound Scholarship - Doctoral Scholarship

2024 National Chung Hsing University Doctoral Study Abroad and Dual Degree Scholarship (Second Call) 

Regulations:(If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact OIA.)

1. Regulations Governing the National Chung Hsing University’s Grants of Scholarships to Doctoral Students for Studying Abroad

2. The NCHU Regulation for Dealing with Student's Academic Affairs and Status While Staying Abroad (From Division of Registration's Regulation L2-04)


Application Requirements:

A. Students who enrolled at Doctoral Degree at least 1 year; Acceptance letters or agreements from Research Institution or University.
B. If you have already received scholarships from different institutions (such as Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology or other institutions), you are not allowed to receive our scholarship at the same time.
C. The research institution should be well-known Research Universities, NGO/NPO Institutions or any institutions which are ranked in Top 3 for specific academic fields. They should be admitted or recognized by their own countries. 


Evaluation Regulation

A. Committee  Members
Applications will be evaluated by Vice President for International Affairs, Vice President for Students Affairs, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Research and Development and Deans from Colleages.

B. Evaluation Points for Applicants
1. Research plan, Eligible for executive capability, language ability, research capacity of which relevant to supervisors/ institutions and the potential skills for research. 
2. Applicants' academic preformance, pieces of Publications (Doctoral Study Abroad) and other performance. 


Application procedure:

A. Applicants are required to submit the following 6 documents.

1. Application From

2. Research project/plan must be composed of listed items below:
(1) Abstract and timeline of the study / research plan
(2) Personal professional experiences 
(3) Study background, purpose, method / courses, and significance 
(4) Relevance between the study / research plan and the university / institution to apply
(5) Expected achievements
(6) Proof or websites of the international rankings or reputation on the institution / faculty / Dept.
(7) Study/research budget table 

3. Recommendation Letter by the an Advisor 

4. Official Copy of Transcripts and Offprints of Publications (Bachelor and Master dual degree program students just need to submit Official copy of Transcripts)

5. Official Proof of Language Proficiency (recommended within 2 years).

6. Invitation Letter from Host University/ Institute or Acceptance letters from Dual Degree Programs.


B.  Application Deadline:2024/3/22 16:00 Please submit the applicaions to the OIA Office。

C. Results
OIA will notify the admitted applicants by e-mail.