Exchange Student - Application Guideline

The nomination is subject to the regulation of “ Regulation for nominating NCHU outbound exchange students to the partner institutions in foreign countries and Mainland China(revised and approved on 22 June 2017”.


I. Purpose

To expand student’s learning scopes and global vision, we select excellent students to study at partner universities in foreign countries or Mainland China for one semester.


II. Exchange Term

The Fall semester, 2024 (commencing around September 2024)

※ Application dates: 17th Oct. 2023, 12:00pm  ~ 17th Nov. 2023, 12:00pm
※ The students registered at NCHU can apply for an overseas exchange program two times at most within the same degree system (ex. Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral Program)  In other words, one-year of exchange is applicable. 

III. Information and student quota of partner institutions

List of Quota from Partner Universities (Updating)

List of Quota from Mainland China Partner Universities (Updating)


IV. Applicant’s qualification

The applicant must meet the following conditions:

1. NCHU degree-seeking students (including Further Study Program students):

Application by a freshman of Bachelor program is limited to spring semester only.
Sophomore (and above) of Bachelor program, 1st-year student of Master program (and above) and 1st-year student of Doctoral program (and above) can submit the application through nomination by the Department or Graduate Institutes.

2. Average score of all semesters must be at least 60 for the students of the Bachelor program.

3. The applicants must meet the language level that partner universities require. 

If the partner universities do not have a specific requirement or its standard below NCHU's, students have to follow one of NCHU's language standards as followed. 

  • English-speaking countries: (for other languages speaking countries, it is subject to their own language test standards or their test standards of English-speaking countries.)




Above 69


Above 5.5


Above 670


V. Registration Procedures

Two steps:

Step 1: Finish online application during 17th Oct. 2023~ 17th  Nov. 2023
 (Online system opens from 17th Oct. 12:00pm~17th Nov. 12:00pm)  
Step 2: Online recommention form will be closed on  22th Nov. 2023 at 12pm.

It’s necessary to complete both steps. Note the deadline for submitting the documents. Overdue submission or incomplete application are unacceptable.


VI. Required documents:
  • For online registration, please fill out your personal information (including name, phone number, military status, grade and department, academic performance for all semesters, a test result of language proficiency and the order of choice for the overseas partner universities, etc.)
  • The application documents to be uploaded are as follows:



More details


Application Form

* Fill out the name of countries, partner universities, departments, and exchange terms.
* You can choose partner universities in both foreign countries and Mainland China, max. 5 for each (e.g., 5 universities in foreign countries, and another 5 in Mainland China.)

*Please obtain approval from the mentor or advisor before seeking endorsement from the department Chair/Director


Academic transcript of all semesters

* Chinese version of the transcript can be applied at the Division of Registration, Office of Academic Affairs, or by using the academic transcript auto printing machine.
* Transfer students without NCHU academic transcript have to provide the transcript of all semesters from the former institution.
* First-year graduate students, NCHU academic transcript have to provide the full transcript of his/her Bachelor's program.


Ranking Certificate

* The Certificate can be applied at the Division of Registration, Office of Academic Affairs, or by using the academic transcript auto printing machine.

* Second-year Master's students have to provide the first-year ranking certificate.


2 online recommendation letters from teachers

After filling in the professor's email address and completing the application in the online system, the system will automatically send a link to the online recommendation letter to the professor.

The recommender must be a faculty member of our university. At least one of the recommendation letters for graduate students must be from the advisor (if there is no advisor yet, the department chair or director can serve as a representative).


English autobiography

There is no specific format. At most two A4 pages. If only applying to study in Mainland China, either English or Chinese autobiography is acceptable.


Study plan in English

There is no specific format. At most two A4 pages.

If you have more than one choice, target the study plan for your 1st choice university.

If only applying to study in Mainland China, either a Chinese or English study plan is acceptable.


Parental Consent

Only Parental Consent for your 1st choice university is required. If you are nominated to another choice university instead, please submit a new consent signed by your legal representative/parent. It is necessary to upload the consent to the online system!!!!


Certificate of language proficiency

* The certificate must be issued within recent 2 years, and the score has to meet  NCHU's standard.
* To study in Mainland China, this certificate is not required.
* If you cannot get the original copy of the language test result, you may use the printout from the website as temporary proof. After receiving the original copy, please submit its photocopy to us.

* CEFR synopsis


Except the online recommendation letters, please upload and submit the above documents. 


VII. Evaluation

1. A comprehensive assessment will be made according to the applicant’s academic performance(the transcript), language proficiency, autobiography, study plan, letters of recommendation, etc.

2. Selection for the partner university to study will be determined by the ranking of the overall evaluation score based on the submitted documents.


VIII. Results Announcement

1. The nomination results will be posted on the website of OIA by end of December 2023.

2. The nominated student should reply to the decision form online, and submit the hard copy of the admission confirmation letter (signed by self) before the announced deadline.


IX. Scholarships

The nominated students(Only Taiwanese) may apply for scholarships or grants from various organizations, as listed on the OIA website. The student who intends to apply for a scholarship must fill in the application form along with the exchange application before 17 Nov. 2023 at the latest. (The application document should include the academic transcript and ranking certificate of all semesters, including the Spring semester of 2023.)

The relevant notice will be posted. The scholarships offered by other organizations, such as the short-term exchange student scholarship offered by Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association and the scholarships offered by the partner universities, will be posted on the website of OIA.

X. Miscellaneous provisions

1. The nominated student is not guaranteed to get admission from the partner universities and has to wait for their decision and admission. If the student cannot pass their review, he/she will be disqualified and is not allowed to request a new placement at any other university.

2. The nominated student is not permitted to delay his/her enrollment to the next academic year or request for reserving his/her qualification. If the nominated student cannot go to the partner universities on time, his/her qualification will be canceled immediately.

3. OIA reserves the right to rearrange a placement for the nominated student to study in another university depending on the request from or special conditions of the partner universities. 


XI. Notice to the exchange students

1.  The exchange student must complete all the necessary application procedures before the deadline s provided by the partner university. If you have to send any documents to the partner university, please deliver them to OIA for international shipping at least two weeks prior to the announced deadline. 

2. Once you receive the acceptance letter for enrollment, please apply for your visa as soon as possible. For visa-related issues, please contact the related administrative office of the visa issuing country in Taiwan.

3. The draftee student is required to visit the OIA webpage “Application Procedures and the Forms for Exchange Students” to download the form “List of Draftees Dispatched for Public Affairs or Nominated Exchange Students”, and carefully read the “Guideline for Exit of Draftee”. Draftee student should e-mail the required documents to the coordinator of Military Instructor Office, and contact the coordinator actively for relevant issues.

4. As an exchange student, you may personal social or exchange activities with classmates for daily necessities. NCHU OIA will not interfere with such activities. Please protect your own rights and interest.


XII. Duties of an exchange student

1. An exchange student is still responsible for the completion of enrollment at NCHU by paying the tuition and fees.

2. During the exchange period, the exchange student is not be required to select any courses in NCHU, except that the Master’s degree student has to select the course “Master’s Thesis” . The exchange student must take courses equivalent to NCHU's 6 credits (108 studying hours)  during the exchange period. If the partner university has a maximum credit limit, the exchange student must follow its rules. In general, there is no specific limitation on selection courses except for the courses that are subject to special conditions.  * The courses which are approved for exemption by the home department (institute or degree program) will appear on the student’s academic transcript (even if the credit is 0).

3. Upon completing the registration procedures at the partner university, the exchange student will be treated as the partner university's student. He/She is required to obey all university rules and cannot damage the reputation of either the partner university or NCHU.

4. The exchange student must submit an Exchange Student’s Report of Arrival within two weeks after arrival at the partner university and return to Taiwan.

5. During the exchange period, the exchange student should keep in contact with OIA and always watch for his/her own safety.  

6. The exchange student must submit a learning report within two months after returning to Taiwan. NCHU OIA has the right to use the learning report on the OIA website and relevant promotion without obtaining students’ consent.

7. Before graduation, the student who finished the exchange program has to fulfill the duty to assist and guide other NCHU students and provide them with relative consultation service and necessary information about the exchange student program.

8. After his/her return to Taiwan, the exchange student is required to participate in relevant promotion activities (for instance, the international week activity) for at least 3 hours.