About OIA


Office of International Affairs was established on August 1st, 2006. The main tasks include (1) to attract international students, (2)to boost English-taught programs, (3) to cooperate through international exchange, and (4)to digitize inputs, processes and outcomes of all international efforts on campus. The office supports to offer quality education and professional training to Southeast Asian youths, and to build a platform for talent cultivation and educational cooperation.


Four Divisions

(1) Division of Academic Exchange: exchange student/faculty program, reception of international guests and visitors, sister-university relationships
(2) Division of Foreign Student Affairs: recruitment and admission of international students, student orientation and counseling, scholarship applications
(3) Division of Technology and Innovation: website management, servers, and database management, other innovation projects
(4) Division of International Education: English programs and courses, international project teaching staff, dual degree programs, and international volunteer projects