International Guests - How You May Prepare

Your Contacts at NCHU

Your main contact points at NCHU are the coordinators at the college (department) where you are working. The OIA, however, can help you with selected services such as NCHU Short-Term Visiting Scholar’s ID card service.
For University-level agreements signing, OIA contact persons are as below

Name Regions
Chen-Xuan Hsu (Sharon) Southeast Asia and Oceania
Yu-Ching Cheng (Christina) Europe, Northeast Asia 

Yu-Hsuan Chang

America, Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau
TEEP@AisaPlus, New Southbound Academic League
Outgoing student scholarship from MOE and others

Evaluation of foreign Visitor reception

The aim of receiving International is to promote academic collaborations with foreign institutions. With limited resource, we should do prudential assessment.

The emphasis on evaluation is whether the visitor promote mutual substantial collaboration and enhancing the partner university relationship sincerely based on mutual academic reciprocity. Besides, under the consideration of operation, we will not receive visitors in the following circumstances:
(1)    Tourist visits
(2)    No substantial possibility of collaboration
(3)    Not our Partner university*
(4)    Chief Director already has other schedules
You should inform us 10 workdays before your visit.

*For the visitors from universities that are not our partner universities:
In order to utilize our resources efficiently and maintain the quality of partner university exchange, if you would like to sign school level contracts, collaborating with at least two colleges first is recommended. Afterward, you can promote the school level contract. (OIA takes responsibility for this procedure)

The head of administration for the visit is based on the aim of the visit:
  1. For the visitor has administrative attributes,
  1. For the visits from Cross administrative units, presidents, or vice presidents, the OIA takes responsibility for the visit.
  2. The head of administration for Visits from other business units will be evaluated.
  1. For the visitor has academic attributes,
  1. Visits to single departments or relative fields are hosted by the department.
  2. Visits to single colleges or cross-department relative fields are hosted by the department.
  3. If the visitors have different identities or specific aims, then there will be another contact to coordinate.

The procedure of establishing a contact

Foreign visit application

If school level visitors take a visit at OIA, please fill in the ‘Visit Request Form’.

The resources needed for receiving the visitors

Introduction to NCHU in both Chinese and English: Printed and electronic copies are provided by the NCHU Secretariat Office: Link

  • Office of International Affairs: University-Level and International Student Recruitment Presentation Slides (Electronic Copy), NCHU International Student Admission Brochure (Printed Copy or Electronic Copy), Program for Academic Exchange Brochure (Printed Copy or Electronic Copy): Link
  • NCHU Audiovisual Portal: (Campus Photos and Videos): Link
The list of Parnter Universities:

English  |  Chinese Version 


English Introduction of one's institute/college:Please contact the relevant units for English brochures.


Accommodation and Traffic

The Chinese website of the Division of Property Operation Management in the General affairs office has the NCHU Appointed Store, the combo box on the left-hand side includes, accommodations and traffic, entertainment and Popular Meals. The stores on the list offer staff discounts for you to refer to.

Lists of “NCHU-Affiliated Stores” are available on the web page of the Division of Property Management under the General Affairs Office, where they are classified into “Accommodation and Transportation,” “Entertainment,” and “Popular Dining.” These lists indicate the stores which offer special discounts for teaching and administrative staff at NCHU. (Link)

NCHU Branded Souvenirs
Short-Term Visiting Scholar’s ID Card

With an NCHU staff member as the guarantor, scholars or researchers from foreign partner universities staying for seven days or longer can apply for a temporary ID card.

The temporary ID card allows the visitor to use the following facilities:

  1. Library: Access to the library to read and borrow books; access to the multimedia center and study rooms; regulations regarding the use of the library should be followed.
  2. Computer and Information Network Center: Applications for a wireless Internet account by following the regulations of the Center. The account will be expired automatically once the period of visiting is due.
  3. Office of Physical Education and Sport: Access to the campus sports facilities including the gymnasium, track and field, basketball court, volleyball court, skating rink, tennis court, and accessory equipment. A pass is required for using the swimming pool and the gym. The charges for the pass are the same as those for NCHU faculty/staff members or students. 

Invitation letters can be issued by the relevant unit (college, department, or institute). However, the relevant unit shall not exclude the word “National” in any official documents sent to Mainland China. Consent has to be obtained from the Ministry of Education if any “declaration” is required for the invitations.