Dual Degree Program - Agreement Signing Procedure 

Evaluation of the Contracting Parties

The contracting parties shall be carefully selected and evaluated, and the prerequisites for cooperation are that: The schools should be of comparable scale to the University, helpful for the academic development and enhancement of the University, willing to cooperate together with the University, and treat the University with reciprocity and equality. 


Content of the Contract

1. Spirit: The basic principle of reciprocity and equality must be upheld.

2. Language:

  • For Schools in Overseas Areas: The English version shall be the only official version of the contract.
  • For Schools in Mainland China: Traditional version of the contract.

3. Contract Items: The name of the contract, the beginning and end of the contract (usually five years, with an automatic extension of five years), the parties' signatories, and the date of the contract must be included as a minimum. The rest of the items can be added according to the needs of both parties.

4. Content negotiation method: The unit-in-charge shall negotiate with the other party in any manner, including e-mail, fax, telephone, and meetings.

5. The representative to be dispatched by the University shall be the President of the University in the case of school-level contracts, the dean of the college in the case of college-level contracts, and so on.



  1. Students must accumulate at least one-third of the total number of credits required to receive a degree at each of the two schools.
  2. Master/PhD students who go abroad to study or accepted to come to the university to study intercountry dual degree shall sign a separate "Master/PhD Dissertation Co-Supervision Agreement" which shall be approved by the department or institute meeting, sent to the college for approval, and then forwarded to the Academic Exchange Section of the International Affairs Office and the Registration Section of the Office of Academic Affairs of the university for review and approval by the president.
  3. Each department or institute may, in accordance with actual needs, develop an intercountry dual-degree program with a foreign school that cooperates in the dual-degree program, and specify the subjects and credits to be taken, which shall be approved by the school-level meeting of academic affairs and sent to the Office of Academic Affairs of the University for review.
  4. The University shall submit a draft of the "Agreement on Cooperation in the Dual Degree System between the University and Schools in Mainland China", which shall be prepared by the relevant departments and institutes in Chinese, and sent to the Mainland Affairs Section of the International Affairs Office and the Registration Section of the Office of Academic Affairs for review and approval by the President upon the resolution at the departmental, institute, and faculty meetings. In addition, in accordance with the Ministry of Education's "Key Points for Examination of Cooperation between Schools at All Levels and Schools in Mainland China", the Office of International Affairs must submit a report to the Ministry of Education two months prior to the signing of the agreement and obtain approval before implementation.