Degree - Application Procedure

Application Time Table

Application For Application Duration Admission Announcement Semester Starts At
Fall Semester 1st of Feb - 31st of Mar 15th of June September
Spring Semester *Only Master and Ph.D. application are accepted 9th of Sept - 15th of Oct 18th of Dec February

(Note that, date above will be updated tentatively)


Application System

1. Qualification for the application of foreign degree-seeking students

2. Academic programs opened for foreign students (Fall) (Spring)

3. All of the required documents needed in the application process

4. Register, fill in the online application form and upload all of the required documents into Application System

(Get access to the webpage via Google Chrome.) 

Step 1: Register an account via the online application system.

Step 2: Receive the verified e-mail to activate your account. Please notice that the verified e-mail would be sent to your e-mail trash box or SPAM box sometimes.

Step 3: Log-in to your account and follow instructions step-by-step to complete the online application form.

Step 4: Please make sure all the data and documents you provided is correct. You cannot make any change once you click the confirm button in Step 11. Meanwhile, an invitation email for the letter of recommendation will be sent to your referees automatically.

Step 5: An automated confirmation message will be sent to your mailbox by the system. And you may log-in to your account to check the latest application status shown in the system, such as whether we have received the letters of recommendation yet.

Step 6: Patiently wait for the processing of the evaluation.

5. The result will be announced in the mid of June/Dec.

6. You may look through FAQ for frequently asked questions from students.


Contact Person

Foreign Student and Mainland Affairs, Coordinator
Tel: 886-4-2284-0206 ext.35
Fax: 886-4-2285-7313
E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.