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*For students who wish to understand their graduation credits and requirements, please inquire them from the related departments' official website or office by oneself.

Online course selection

You can look up the course information through the course searching system by using the keywords. This system provides Chinese as well as English versions.

1.【Initial Selection】

Each department and year has appointed course selection time, students of the department are subject to the schedule. (For example, The second day of the Initial Selection is for 3rd-year students. Students in 3rd-year Material Science may only select Material Science 3rd-year courses and elective courses open for the entire school), and may only select courses from other years and departments on the last day of Initial Selection.


2.【Course addition / remove】

All students may add or remove courses online in this phase. Selection of courses from other universities, selection of night-time-course, and selection of courses among master’s program and in-service master’s program have to be applied separately.


3.【Authorized Course addition/remove 】

After attaining authorization of the lecturer, students may proceed with “authorized course addition” or “authorized course removes” within the time limit.

  • After completing the course selection above, please confirm your course selection list.

  • 8:00 am-10:00 am is the time for system maintenance, please wait after this time to do any course selection.

  • These type of courses needed to apply in another form and submit to the Office of Academic Affairs: Inter-collegiate course【The School→ Other School】、Guidelines for Master's Degree Part-time and Full-time Students Cross Course Selection、Regulations for Course Registration between Undergraduate Programs and Extension Education Programs.


4.【Midterm Course withdrawal】

One can still withdraw from the course even if the "Online Course Addition/Remove" period is over during the midterm of the semester. You can simply go online and choose to withdraw from the course if you wish to. This course's result will be "W" if you withdraw during the midterm of the semester. This procedure is irreversible, consider carefully before you press the button.


Suspension / Re-enrollment 

If anything happened, one student may suspend school maximum of 2 years. Every suspension last for one semester and one may decide to keep suspension or re-enroll into the study after the semester, these two processes may proceed through the online system.

Manual: CLICK


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