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In 1999, the school buildings were severely damaged by the 921 Earthquake. To comply with the reconstruction plan, the library was temporarily relocated to the basement of the Student Activity Center (book lending center), the basement of Hui-Sun Memorial Hall (periodical reference center), and the first floor of the old Science & Engineering Building (videos and audios service and administrative center), the old Food Crops Research Institute (collections of rare sets of books and old documents), study seats were provided in the basement of the male dormitory, Xin-Zhai and Zhi-Zhai.
The new library’s construction work was completed, and was opened on September 21, 2005. It is a building with one floor of underground basement and seven floors above ground. The total floor area of the building is 34,492 square meters with approximately 2,000 seats for reading.


Art Center
The Art Center always sparked positive feedback since its planning and founding. Thanks to the supports of great artists with continual guidance, encourages, and all the priceless art pieces donated for the collection and exhibition of the Art Center, our current collections comprise hundreds of traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy works, water paintings, engraving works, photography works, sculpture and modern paper art pieces.
In addition to art collections, in order to deepen students’ understanding of art and cultivate art culture, the Art Center also organizes a series of activities from time to time which include art exhibitions, seminars, performances, etc., providing a place for art appreciation for the teachers, students and staff of this university.


Health and Counseling Center
Based on the abbreviation NCHU of National Chung Hsing University, the health counseling center hopes to provide the most warm and caring Concern based on Nature; accompany, support and assist everyone coming here from the Health perspective, and to achieve a Union state of body, mind, and soul, feeling like being reborn in bath of sunlight.


Chung Hsing Lake
The Chung Hsing Lake in front of the library started its construction in 1977. It looks as if it is a small zoo with all the beautiful and elegant black swans, friendly white geese, flocks of ducks, and agile squirrels. The cute figure of each animal attracts passersby to stop, pick up the cameras at hands and record their affecting images. 



The NCHU Mart used to be a grocery store. It was officially incorporated into our administrative organization in August 2013. One of its main goals is to create the Chung Hsing University brand, thus the store has an area allocated for "Chung Hsing University Boutique". The store provides customers with a modern, roomy and comfortable shopping space. Its main products are high-quality agricultural products produced by our own College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, such as gift boxes of rice, coffee, honey, soy sauce, juice, etc. produced by Chung Hsing University.
At the same time, the new product line, NCHU Café, is launched. This product line combines Chung Hsing University’s well-known products, "Chung Hsing University Hui-Sun Coffee" and "Chung Hsing University Milk", to satisfy those who love to indulge themselves with freshly brewed coffee. The fresh food area continues to provide products such as fresh vegetables, milk, meat and eggs. Most importantly, the store has a designated area that display inspection certificates and reports of the products. Apart from products produced by the Chung Hsing University, the store also sells organic vegetables certified by NCHU’s "Agricultural Product Approval and Certification Center". The frozen meat and eggs sold here also have all been inspected by the nationally accredited laboratories. Our customers can be proud about their choices and rest assure that our products are safe and healthy.


Hui-Sun Memorial Hall
Completed its construction in the 1990s, it is an important center for art and cultural performances in the central part of Taiwan. This hall can accommodate more than 4,000 audiences. It hosts the graduation ceremony of this university, school concerts, movie screenings, etc. every year. The Hui-Sun Movie is a campus activity unique to National Chung Hsing University with more than 30 years of history. It has been one of the favorite activities of the residents of South District of Taichung City. In addition, it is frequently rented by other organizations as venues for activities held in the central part of Taiwan.


Forests under the custody of Experimental Forest Management Office, NCHU:Wenshan, Tungshih, Huisun, and Hsinhua

The National Chung Hsing University as today has evolved from Taiwan Academy of Agronomy and Forestry (TAAF) that was established in 1919 by the Jepaness Colonial Government in Taiwan for providing agricultural and education services. Three experimental forest stations(Tungshih, Hsinhua and Wenshan) were subsequently established and dedicated as an integral part of TAAF for research functions and professional training in forestry. These three forests were purposefully selected from each of the northern, central and southern regions of Taiwan to offer TAAF a rich representation of forests, vegetation and watersheds for research, teaching and professional training activities. This has made these forests one of the best combined experimental forests in Taiwan. Nengkao Experimental Forest was designated as the fourth experimental forest station in 1949 to further broaden the representation of forests in different climates and elevations, and was renamed as Huisun Experimental Forest station in 1967.