Once You Are in Taichung- In & Around NCHU

Around NCHU

NCHU campus map
 Male/Female Dormitories Map
The way to Immigration Agency/Bureau of Consular Affairs, Taichung 
Immigration Agency【Google Map
Bureau of Consular Affairs【Google Map


Food around NCHU

-Hi everyone and welcome to NCHU new students! Here is a link to the student map of convenient places around Taichung provided to you from OIA. I hope that you find this map useful to take care of and have a good day.
Edited by Ms. Apral Kara Deterville (NCHU degree-seeking student in International Bachelor Program of Agribusiness )
-Here is the map for introducing some greatest restaurants around NCHU. They are glad to share this map for free not for commercial because they hope that it's useful for international students when they first come to NCHU.   - The Greatest Restaurants Nearby NCHU
Edited by NCHU master students who took the course "Entrepreneurship Management" from Graduate Institute of Technology Management.