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Overseas Travel Application Guidance

Q: How to estimate my travel expenses?

A: Please determine the type of your travel first, and identify if the host organization provides free boarding and lodging. Please refer to the Bank of Taiwan Foreign Exchange Rate and the website of NCHU Office of Accounting for estimating related expenses.


Q: How to write an Official Document for an overseas travel application?

A: After determining the purpose of a visit, the source of funding, the travel date, and the entire travel itinerary, you can fill in the content as an Official Document form. The purpose of a visit is generally listed as the first item of the Official Document.


Q: I am currently in the process of organizing an overseas visit. What issues should I prepare and pay attention to?

A: When handling an overseas visit, refer to the guide for overseas emergency contact provided by the Bureau of Consular Affairs /ROC Embassies and Missions Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Firstly, make sure each participant's passport should have at least six months of validity, as well as the Visa requirements and application in the country you plan to visit.

You can prepare an itinerary and local living when planning the notes for your overseas travel.

When planning an overseas travel itinerary, you can pay attention to flight information, arrival and departure terminal, weight of baggage allowance, hotel’s or venue’s location and traffic, and check if there's free WIFI or WIFI rental service. Furthermore, the following information must be provided in the travel itinerary: the overall visit schedule, the contact information and introduction for each host organization, the purpose of visit, the collaboration background and proposal, the introduction of key persons, and transportation arrangements including domestic airport transfers, public transportation during the visit, etc.

Rent Portable WiFi Hotspot and Mobile Internet SIM Cards from Local Telecom Companies

To handle official business effectively, you can rent Portable WiFi Hotspot and Mobile Internet SIM Cards from a local telecom company while on a business trip. The relevant expenses shall be estimated as the "Postage& Telecommunication Fees” under the "Administrative Expenses" item, but not “Gift, Entertainment and Miscellaneous fees” on the official documents of the overseas travel expenses. Reimbursement shall be subject to the "Postage& Telecommunication Fees” under the "Administrative Expenses" item after the completion of the travel.

References telecommunication companies for portable WiFi hotspot rental: Company 1, Company 2, and Company 3

For mobile internet SIM card rental: Because of different types of SIM cards in different countries, you can find information on the Internet to identify the SIM card rental service you need.

The local information relevant to the living things, such as local custom and tradition, time difference, local weather forecast, entry and exit regulations, vaccination policy, local voltage and power socket standards, currency exchange, and local taboos may be offered when planning the notes for your overseas travel. Please refer to the Bureau of Consular Affairs/ Safety and Security Information for International Travel / Visa, Tourism and Consumer Rights Information for Foreigners, Ministry of Foreign Affairs for details on the local information details.


Q: What issues should I pay attention to when reimbursing travel expenses? What information can I refer to?

A: Keep the boarding pass, and all the receipts, etc. properly.


Q: What kind of information can be referred to when making a report on overseas travel after returning from a business trip?

A: Please refer to the “Disposal Directions Governing Official Overseas Trips by Personnel of the Ministry of Education and Affiliated Agencies and Schools” and “Directions for Implementing Official Overseas Trips Reports in the Executive Yuan and Subordinate Agencies

Do not write the major content in a foreign language other than Chinese.